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At the end of the day, do you feel accomplished or DEFEATED?

I hope you enjoyed the above video and it will be of service to you. I design my 3 points every morning, before the start of the day!

Good Luck and keep me posted how it is working for you!

Nature Heals

What? Feeling Isolated?

Can’t Get Out?

Social Distancing, Covid-19 virus, having physical challenges, location, they all can limit our abilities to get out and enjoy the scenery and nature. If you miss this, join me for a virtual 1 hour hike in the beautiful San Juan mountains!

Simply send me a email with your contact information ( , with your best times and days, and I will contact you directly to set up a virtual hike and appointment.

All hikes are done with Zoom video conferencing (secured) or with difficult cell coverage we may have to use Facebook messenger (not secured). All you need is your phone or computer that has audio and video capabilities (smart phones) and we can hike together!

Please be aware that this is a public service and time is being donated to help all of us get through difficult times. Please be considerate of appointments made and cancel 24 hours ahead (confirmation needed) if needed.

What is your comfort food?

Comfort Food doesn’t always have to create Dis-ease in your body

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My Boy Friend Is Moving In…During Covid-19!

We had talked about moving into together prior to the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19. He is the love of my life, my best friend, and the relationship I always dreamed of, where we both could make each other the best version of ourselves! We just wanted to be together! We didn’t really know how together this would mean during the pandemic of 2020!

I have lived in the Tootling Tranquility Tiny house now for 3 years after reinventing myself and my life after a devastating relapse of Multiple Sclerosis in 2011, which left me with limited vision, cognitive impairment, and inability to walk without help. It wasn’t until I took charge of the fuel going into my body that I was able to conquer my dis-ease and take back my life. I now live with simplicity and minimalism in 253 square feet. We were in the process of transitioning from one human and two big dogs to two humans and two big dogs, and THEN CAME the Corona Virus, AND THEN we both got laid off from steady work that employed us. So… Stress…on so many levels.

On my journey with MS I was not perfect, but I knew better than to binge eat processed, sugar laden carbs when I am stressed (or anytime). As I learned more about fueling my own body, I gained more and more power to take back my life. Now, I am not willing to sacrifice my health for any reason. My boyfriend on the other hand, doesn’t have the same health concerns or education when it comes to food.

His Food….

We are loving our healthy meals that I create nightly, but there have been many “discussions” on what he is eating and his immune system. “But this is my comfort food, I need comfort now”. Stress for both of us. Having a new relationship and understanding the HUGE desire to be comforted with food at this time of “Stay At Home,” there are many challenges.

He loves Ice Cream!
My goal is to create Healthy Alternatives to his Comfort Foods as shown above!

“We are all in this together” creates a happy, comforting sound with good intentions, but for many, there is underlying isolation, loneliness and binge eating. Ultimately this can feel like a huge TEST, especially when patterns of exercise and healthy coping skills aren’t established.

How are you coping? Do you go for the processed foods only to feel like crap afterwards? Are you feeling bloated and depressed? My boyfriend is always behind me on the quantity that I eat. Being an even 5 feet tall, I enjoy eating and eat a lot, but the key is what I eat! At my heaviest, I was miserable at 165 lbs, and I was isolated and depressed due to Uhthoff’s syndrome. Comfort food was there for me, as were steroids to stop the attack of MS on my body, but I was unaware that the combination of processed junk and steroids were killing my body’s own ability to defend itself.

I hardly recognize this person
as ME…2012

Covid-19 has emotional triggers for so many of us. Please let me offer you a completely Free of Cost, strategy session. Simply text your name, and a day and time you are available to 970-231-7980 and I’ll set up a no-charge, health coaching appointment so you can empower yourself with the tools you need to support you and your health, get through the cravings, and manage the stress we’re all feeling at this very difficult time.

We are all in this together. Let me share my first-hand knowledge and give you the SUPPORT you need!

Katrina, 2020
Did you text me yet for a free consult? 970-231-7980

We are all one! Please join in and share with the Naked Coaching Community. Blessings!

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