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This Page will have recipes that I throw together intuitively. With knowing my body and what it needs, I eat what I feel like I need.  Example, if I am getting a cold or feeling “under the weather” I often incorporate a TON of garlic which helps flush out any “bugs” that could be brewing in my immune system. Garlic has a compound that actually works to strengthen the immune system and it taste great!

I also will be working on documenting recipes that are #easypeazynutrition.  These will be quick easy healthy meals that are simple and with only a few ingredients.  One of the challenges with MS is fatigue and heat.  These meals will also keep in mind NOT being over the stove and.  Heat can cause fatigue in addition to standing on your feet for a while.  For this reason I find eating Raw helps me not to be over the stove.  I will give more details on this to.

Full disclosure, I am not the best at taking notes while I create in the kitchen, but I will be trying in my new kitchen with a chalk board. I do love to create and find that doing so creates  a feeling of SELF LOVE.  If I take care of myself I will be able to help and support others.  Enjoy!

Recipes and self love coming soon….





16 CUPS (1 gal or 128 ounces)of filtered water boiled

8 green tea bags steeped for 20 minutes.  I use a good quality tea bag

1 cup if organic raw sugar.  Disolve this in the steeping tea.  Make sure all desolves before tea cools.  Remove tea bas after 20 minutes and continue to cool to room temperture.  You want to make sure the new sugar green tea mixture is at room temperture so you dont hurt any of the scobys.  Scobys are living good bacterias that make your kombucha so wonderful for your gut.  So I take extra care of my scobys and keep them in clean bottles with some of the original kombucha so they can continue to grow and feed.

As shown in the top picture.

Probiotics gut health auto immune ms

My 2 batches brewing and fermenting in my Tiny House Pantry

Curry with goji berries

Easy peazy nutrition smoothies cold

Need a quick and easy meal?

Juicing nutrient dense quick absorbtion ms auto immune

DAILY ritual of Juicing. So amazing for you!

Juicing nutrition multple sclerosis hiking fatigue

POPOYE JUICE then 6 mile Hike for 6th anniv dx with MS. FUMS!

Gut health probiotics

Home aid sour krout great for gut health♡

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