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Would you love to eat healthy , but The HOLIDAYS ARE HERE? So many temptations!

Next Online Programs will Start again In January.  Be sure to join our community on our monthly email list for all updates of starting dates and programs.  Are you interested in a particular program that you don’t see??  Please email me directly and lets see what we can do for you and others!

This program is designed for NOW and the Holidays! 

I Dare you to commit to keeping your health on track THROUGH the Holidays!  

YOU WILL ACHIEVE ENERGY BOOST NATURALLY!  Who doesn’t want that right?

LESS Weight Gain....Well YEAH!  New Years Eve and that cute outfit is coming up!

Take more off my PLATE as far as TO DO’s!  AWESOME I am Stressed already!

First time?  We can do this!  Starting December 5th!  Lets GO!

OH NO Program has closed!  NO worries I will be starting another NEW Program in January!    Want to Beat the Sugar Blues after the Holidays?  Check back often and sign up for our email list so as not to miss out again!

~All packages are complete with grocery list, prep guides and exclude typical food sensitivities that are just right for AIP, Keto, and Whole 30~

These menu plans all include a wide variety of foods and options made with whole foods that exclude common food sensitivities (dairy, wheat, gluten, grains, sugar, soy) that taste and look amazing! I have created this 6 week program with easy and quick in mind, that you can serve just yourself or your whole family, plus a complete grocery list and prep guide for each day! This program will show you how easy and simple it is to get the PROCESSED (Standard American Diet) out of you body and actually NURTURE you Back to Health while teaching you sustainable habits for AFTER the 6 weeks program!

PACKAGES 1 AND 2 Starting December 10th with menus and shopping list being sent with beautiful pictures December 5th, and all you need to prepare, on the each Friday! The Program 2 has limited space available so sign up today! 

OH NO Program 1 & 2 have closed but 3 is OPEN Enrollment anytime !  NO worries I will be starting another NEW Program in January!    Want to Beat the Sugar Blues after the holidays?  Check back often and sign up for our email list so as not to miss out again!

Need special diets? Program 3 is for YOU!🤗🌄PACKAGE 3 This is all customized to YOU, You Pick the MONDAY to start on! (dependant on availability, after payment is made we will set up your start date)


*Simple, Easy, Affordable and NAKED (clean eating)

  • 6 week meal plan, made quickly and is perfect for busy people that want to get back to HEALTHY EATING with limited time.
  • BONUS this includes a private facebook group to share your inspiring creations from our plan and have a Facebook (closed group) tribe to cheer you on with Naked Coaching to moderate the group, answer questions and to inspire ( 4:00 – 4:30 pm Mountain Standard time Monday – Wednesdays)
  • HEALTHY HOLIDAY RECIPES! WOW holiday without meltdowns from Sugar? YES it is TRUE!

Your Price $99.00 Total value $350.00

*Simple, Easy but with added help and support with group motivation!

Included in this package- Weekly Group Coaching calls with your tribe for support!

  • Same as menu plan as above
  • PLUS online private with your tribe, coaching for 1 hour each week with Katrina Toucke of Can’t make the coaching call? It will be recorded so everyone can review at a later time.
  • A total of (6) 1 hour Coaching sessions for support! – Each week we will have various discussions on subjects such as simple foods for Gut Health sustainability, Supplements that support (with your Dr’s OK of course) and eating habits that maybe be sabotaging your ability to maintain and lose weight, simple but effective ways to change what’s on your plate which has the power to change your health and life! Join your tribe and lets make this fun getting healthy together.

Your Tribe is limited to 10 people.

Your Price $375.00 Total value $1250.00

*I don’t care for group coaching, I need a mentor not a tribe!

Let me show you, with this CADILLAC program how you can change your life and reinvent your health with food as your medicine.

Custom tailored to YOU and YOUR Bio-individuality

~This Package being customized, can start when YOU and I both agree on starting date~

  • In this program I include personalized 1 on 1 weekly coaching sessions with (1 hour each) that will specifically for you and YOUR challenges.
  • We will start your program with a 1 hour review* of what food you like and don’t like and maybe willing to try. What has your diet been up until now, and where we will go with your new 6 week customized diet plan to make you THRIVE (Body and Mind).
  • This option includes a plan that is custom tailored to YOU. This is designed to meet your Bio-Individualized needs to heal and health!
  • A total of 7 private coaching sessions! Each session is within a 7 week time period. In the next 6 weeks we will have weekly calls, discussing your Accomplishments, your weight, your POOP habits (SORRY THIS IS NAKED COACHING AND POOP AND GUT are all showing you where your health currently is) and how to SUCCEED, IMPROVE, not just for this program but for LIFE.
  • This is not a program that ends when we are done, but gives you the tools to accomplish so much more HEALTH in your life and maybe your families
  • Bonus – Holiday recipes that will keep you on track with your goals!
  • week 2 – After you receive your personalized menu, our next coaching call will show you how YOU and I can make this work for your abilities, tools on hand and energy levels!

THIS PROGRAM WILL NOT WORK IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO DO IT. I WANT 100% willingness from you and I will get you there on the HOW TO’S! JOIN me for a new and healthier version of YOU. Let’s Do this.

All packages are sold as complete packages, and partial refunds for unused portions is prohibited. This is your commitment to you for 6 weeks of amazing YUMMY Food.

Your Price $650.00 Total Value $1575.00 (7 weeks)

What is your style of support?
Email Address for your plan


With your commitment to YOU, YOU WILL ROCK THIS!


You know this is a good idea but not sure how you can do this?

Before you go further, (please read) Katrina is authentically sharing her story after her divine storm of 2011 (feel free to share)

I, myself recovered my life, my health, and reinvented my future! If I did it, You Can Too with my guidance!


Bodē Wellness Products

Are you curious what CBD can do for you? Please read blog on CBD

CBD. Do you know all the amazing health benefits? Bodē Wellness 1500 mg extract. Strong and amazing stuff people love!

As a affiliate for Bodē Wellness, I stand behind this company and their products. They have Superior quality from Seed to Shelf that is monitored for quality! The taste and quality is far superior to other products! I want to share the love of this amazing organic CBD Product with you with a Discount! Please use Toucke when checking out for a additional savings of 5% discount.

Click the below link to be directed to their official website and store.

Naked Coaching Savings to BODE Wellness

For clients that have entered into programs with please inquire about additional discounts provided by being in our programs!

Enjoy and do let me know if you have any questions!


Want more info on how CBD works? Check out the below video’s!

Sampling the 1500 mg CBD

What’s the difference in 250 and 1500 mg?

Be sure to watch Bode’s  YouTube videos!

More questions?  Just send me a email!


DO YOU NEED TO CHILL OUT? Do you need a sustainable practice to do so?


Do you want to enjoy your R & R more and ALSO HAVE BETTER SEX?

As a Health Coach, I know it is not just about Nutrition and Exercise! A daily meditation and breathe work practice is crucial to well being and health!
After trying various different Apps and Youtube Video’s I found ZIVA ONLINE. Because I needed to CHILL out and learn to relax and get my Cortisol levels under control I signed up and took the 2 week course! Emily is amazing and the program works for people that are busy and can’t go to a cave to meditate as Emily explains!

I have become a affiliate member of ZivaOnline because it has changed my life and I wanted to offer to my clients of

Go ahead and click on the the above banner to check it out! Get instant access and try it out! I was shocked how calm and fulfilling daily life can be with a consistent practice!

Please contact me with any questions and I will be excited to share my personal experiences. Beware, it is powerful and will change your stress levels and how you look at life!

Are you interested in sharing with the cause of bringing education and health (REAL HEALTH) to people that do not know how or that there is a way?  Do you want to provide HOPE to people that have are going through a health crises?  

Click on below link…..

It has been a hard lesson, for me to ask for help, but now I need some….

Thank you for visiting Products to provide you HEALTH! Please reach out to me on my contact page if you would like more information or have questions! Namaste

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