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In July of 2011, I was in the process of owning and operating one business and opening another, while being in a very unhealthy relationship.  My businesses that I loved, were going to be my way out of that relationship!   I thought I had it all planned out, until  one morning I awoke to major vision blockage in my left eye (now for the 2nd time), later finding out this to be Optic Neuritis which is a sign of MS .   This was the start of my journey with being diagnosed with Relapsing and Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  I HAD NO CLUE WHAT THE HECK MS WAS?  Was that the Jerry Lewis thing?  I knew it was bad but had no idea.

Below was my new mascot to give me hope at a very dark time.  I still have him.  He was found in my backyard , which was odd since I didn’t have kids and had owned my house for years prior.  Where did he come from?  I didn’t know at that time, but did realize,  he was a sign.  A fight to come! 🙁  I was SCARED, Vulnerable and uneducated in a dis-ease I had never heard of.  I was a hiker, a camper, I loved nature, I loved dogs they were my life.  I never took pills, I was a juicer starting years before (when I had a inkling of not feeling well),  I didn’t know anyone that was sick or had a illnesses.  I was CLUELESS!  I thought I was healthy!



Without further details right now, my life changed dramatically and quickly with MS symptoms growing daily and hitting me very hard physically and emotionally.  I went from opening a 2nd business in May 2011, to July 2011 getting diagnosed with MS and Optic Neuritis,  to October 2011 shutting my businesses down and laying off my contractors, because at that time, the symptoms came on so quickly and I was headed for full disability! I was told by doctors that they couldn’t tell me where my future would be. My relapse this time was so bad, as I didn’t have insurance and although I had complained of issues before, I was never diagnosed.  Even when I lost the my vision for the first time, I was told it was a optic migraine and lets wait and see if it comes back before a MRI.  Yup, self employed and no insurance.  This is how things are dealt with.  You see, multiple Sclerosis is progressive.  It starts most times with a tap, then another tap, and then another tap on your body.  If the little taps aren’t caught then you get the full blown WHAM.  To me it was like the universe saying, hey pay attention.  Too what I didn’t know then.  Looking back it all makes complete sense.

This is my journey and I hope to help others to educate and help them not to get the FULL BLOWN WHAM!!!!!

While being mostly on the couch for a year, in front of a large screen TV, not able to go upstairs easily, walk my dogs, think, exhausted, still not being able to see out of my left eye, and very depressed, I still was trying to fight what was happening to me daily. I had no more control of my body.  It was just falling apart and attacking itself!  My body, that I was proud of for letting me hike trails all day, and that I used to help build a house, was now betraying me.  I valued strength, my strength and now that was all going away.

I was on the couch crying in despair of my current situation not understanding.  What happened to hiking and who I was???  Why was my body attacking itself?  I couldn’t understand this all, AND THEN, my husband at the time, a drinker, walked by and said “Sorry, you are stuck with me, you have MS now!” I had previous again, been trying to get out of the dysfunctional marriage, trying to be OK for me and my pups.  Trying to get out of a marriage that was not healthy and should have not happened.  THIS was the shock from HELL.  WHO says this to someone that is dependent and broken on the couch?  I was horrified.  HOW WAS THIS GOING TO END?

Some of those symptoms included cognitive issues, numbness on my entire left side, vision loss (Optic Neuritis) on left side, strange sensations of bugs crawling on me, burning pain only to be replaced with aching pain, then debilitating fatigue, weakness and odd movement and balance issues that seemed like my body was taken over by something else.  Involuntary movements, jerks and responses.  This was my NEW NORM as they call it in the MS World.   MS is a difficult journey and is different for everyone with a wide variety of symptoms (visible and hidden from others). When your body goes from hiking and enjoying one day in May to this involuntary, abusive isolation with a THING CALLED Multiple Sclerosis, that I couldn’t understand much less to communicate what I was going through.  It is truly another world!


This site, this journey, my life and the vow I made in 2012 is all honest and authentic.  This all about education, recovery, healing, inspiration to others in their journeys dealing with Multiple Sclerosis or any autoimmune.  The message I hope to carry is DON’T GIVE UP!  THERE ARE CHOICES.  THIS DOES’T HAVE TO BE YOUR FATE!

I found through determination to get out of this “NEW” hell I was in, there are answers.  They don’t come in a pill form, and they are not simple, but when you follow your gut then it is empowering!

RECOVER from any auto immune. Curious about Coaching with Katrina? What will you get out of it, how will it change your life, your health, your relationships? Let’s FIND OUT! Schedule here…go ahead I don’t bite….click the link for acuity down below above me…

I have been through so much and I totally believe in being authentic, loving and kind.  If I can help and inspire someone else to not give up, by sharing my stories, to provide hope and healing, then that is a blessing and my gift to them.

This is the journey of me reinventing my life, living in a tiny house with my 2 big pups and celebrating all of life’s amazing gifts and lessons.

Life is full of lessons and after my divine storm of 2011, I have the honor to now share with you my life and inspirations, and the gift of helping others get through their own divine storms.

Life is way too short when amazing and way too long when miserable!

I am going for Amazing, what about you?

This journey has in no way been easy.  I have cried, laughed and met so many amazing angels in my reinvention.  I am honored to hold sacred space with others as we share stories. I am truly honored to be holding my position here on earth doing this.  This I do believe is my purpose now.

Funny how I always searched and questioned, why was I here and what was my purpose? For years, I searched and wondered.  Well, in July 2011, my divine storm started and taught me. I continued my education became a certified IIN Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, then went back to specialize in Gut Microbiome to learn more.  I am currently working on my first book about the fragments, pieces that cause Auto Immune and the recovery guide how to prevent and heal it.  I learned that I have a life time of lessons preparing me, to make the connection of what really happened.  You see, you don’t just have a health crises.  Its been building.  There are a lifetime of insults on your body, but your body can heal if given the tools to do so!

Thank you for joining me while I share my story, inspire, laugh and cry with others going through their divine storm to recovery and healing.  I honor others and their stories and would only repeat my own.

I now can share, the NAKED truth that many people are never told.  THERE IS A ROAD TO HEALING and it’s not what you think!

Please SHARE, LIKE and COMMENT on my postings!  I would love to hear from everyone sharing my journey with me.   If you are on your own journey and I can share the NAKED truth how you can heal.  Let’s have a clarity conversation.  I provide consults via Video Conferencing (ZOOM), PHONE or if local, in person.  I want to share the ripple effect of HEALTH and HEALING with as many people as I can!


Katrina, my 2 big pups, Humphrey and Gracie, in our tiny house, Tootling Tranquility.






Food is my medicine♡ Strength is my power,  Love is my support and Nature is my peace.



Katrina Toucke free style

If you are happy then let it show!

Join me on my Naked (Authentic, Honest Dissolving Barriers) Journey, healing myself while helping and inspiring and being in service to others. 


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  1. Are you still providing nutritional meal plans for free? I just came across your site and am interested in a meal plan. I live with MS and would love to try your meals.

    • Hi Debie! I am sorry that promotion has expired, however I would love to provide you a FREE 50 minute consult to discuss what you can do to manage and kick MS in the butt as I have done (see my story 2011). I do have some available times (I am in Colorado) on Tuesday Feb 12th, for a consult. I provide these via zoom which is secured video conferencing. Please send me a email to Katrina@NakedCoaching.life to confirm availability so that we can figure out what diet (meal plan) would work best for you!

      I look forward to speaking with you!
      Thanks Debie for contacting http://www.NakedCoaching.life

    • Debie, I just wanted to follow up with you. I would love to start a real conversation via zoom or phone. Please send me your availability and lets talk! katrina@nakedcoaching.life

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