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Thank You for Visiting

Thank You for Visiting

Thank You for visiting


It’s NOT UNCLOTHED It’s Authentic & Honest


WE are currently using the time in our SAFE HOME with Covid-19 to support others via phone consultations & video conferencing as a Public Service. Please LIKE, SHARE and Join our Community to see new video Blogs as we continue to give our website a new face lift!

Thank you and stay safe!

Katrina Toucke



>>I got some great news!
I just weighed myself and I have now LOST 10 lbs. Thank you for making this so easy for me. I have fought with my weight since I was 10 years old. That is now a thing of my past as you are teaching me to eat healthy again.<<< L.W

*This is a Ouray local testimonial from June 18 2018! He is currently in my 6 month program and started May 31st! He is Rocking IT! I am so very proud to be his coach!*

Leo W, Ouray Colorado


Thank you Robyn for the wonderful testimonial.  I am so honored to have worked with you!

Thank you Robyn for the wonderful testimonial. I am so honored to have worked with you!

Robyn Klein rated 5 out of 5 stars on Katrina Anne Toucke LLC facebook page

on recent experiences with Katrina as her health coach!

Kat is a fabulous health coach! She helped me identify my goals and held me accountable. Best of all, she met me where I was at. I recently struggled recovering from surgery. I couldn’t eat many solid foods, anything salty, tangy, sour, spicy… and I got sick of food. I couldn’t stomach the sugary, liquidy food anymore. I am also gluten free. My body was malnourished and fighting to recover. I called Katrina and she advised me by providing me practical foods that I could easily access and could enjoy. It was a game changer for me and I’m so grateful for her, her support and her incredible depth of knowledge. I knew I could count on her because she has coached me in the past. Helping me to get into a healthier routine each morning by setting my intention and consuming nutritious and simple foods!

For individuals fighting a battle with MS, I have seen and read about Katrina’s progression from not being able to walk, to this energetic woman that hikes as a lifestyle! It’s pretty impressive and speaks to passion she has for this work. Changing her diet literally changed her life. Her passion drove her quest for knowledge so that she can coach others with an understanding like few others can offer. She’s been there. Kat recognizes that everyone is different. Even if they have a similar disease. She can help you find a lifestyle that works to keep you mobile, active, and feeling great regardless of your diagnosis! She’s living proof!

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