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  1. Hi, good to see you are well. Sorry you had COVID. Your sauerkraut recipe looks yum. Stay strong and well.

    • Thank Betty! Wow-what a road it has been this year. Ups and downs. Crazy!
      I hope you are well! Thanks for checking in!

  2. Sweet. Keep at it. We all need this

    • Awe thank you for the words of encouragement. I am working hard on my YouTube channel Conquer MS and learning editing and shooting. A huge task but good for the neurons. After I get that going I will come back and revise the website. I really appreciate the encouragement! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hello, Katrina,
    Michaela M. from Ridgway gave me your name regarding M.S. She told me that you had mentioned that you take infusions for your M.S. every 6 months . I have M.S., and am in the process of deciding to start Ocrevus. I am sure you are a busy woman, but was just wondering about your experience with the medication. It is a scary decision, and I do think hearing about your experience would be very useful. Just even an email would be great. Michaela said she spoke to you about me contacting you, that it was OK.

    Thanks, Sharon Ward

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