Are you ready for the Winter? How do you feel about changes?

Hello All!   I am here in beautiful San Juan’s of Southern Colorado, wishing you all a HAPPY HEALTHY FALL!  I love the change of seasons. I love CHANGE but also Stability and Balance.   I am ready for heavier foods (this doesn’t have to mean weight gain) warm comfy clothes and cold weather EXERCISE.    How about you?  Does your diet change?  Your weight?  Your exercise and lifestyle routine change?  Do you find yourself happier in the summer and much more sluggish in the winter?


It doesn’t have to be that way!  I support people thru the seasons and changes in their lives. Having a happy healthy life is all about being flexible and adaptable to all the changes life gives us (age, health challenges, stress, career, relationships).

Are you frustrated trying to make changes but they never stick or you are not getting the results you wish for?


I am gearing up for a busy fall season.  If you would like take advantage of a FREE coaching session with me, don’t wait and schedule it today at the below link. is where you will receive Honest, Authentic Coaching to all REAL Healing within yourself.


I am currently scheduling 50 minute video or phone consultations for Tuesdays between the hours of 9 am – 12 pm. What time works for you?

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