Very Blessed and Grateful Tonight

Thank you all for love, support, prayers and crossed paws and fingers. Humphrey’s pre-blood work was fantastic, so I made the right choice. He is 12 and it was rough knowing they were using anastesia but now he should live and hike well into the future! Gracie was a great little sista and kept me in good spirits while we waited to call and check in after surgery, with a nice walk and a solo pup Home Depot trip while in the “big city” of Montrose (where my Vet is). A BIG Thanks to @blackcanyon vets for all their love and care to Humphrey and not feeding him extra drugs♡!

Humphrey and I have gone thru H*** and back over his years, so I am so releaved that he is good to go for all our future HAPPY AND AMAZING JOURNEYS!
There are so many things to see & discover in this beautiful part of Colorado, on our many hikes as a tribe (all 3 of us).

We are truly blessed and greatful tonight! Good night all!

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