My Husband won’t go but I want to try walking but Dr said not to go by myself…help?

I was reminded of myself the other day with a post I saw on a MS group on facebook

A flash back to 2012 after disabling relapse of ms in 2011.

Ideas To taking back your power with strategies using a treadmill when you aren’t able to walk un attended!

  1. put so you can watch tv or get headphones for music which motivated me not tv. Place mats or pillows on the back end in case you fall off. I did several times and had my loyal therapy dog Humphrey there to catch me!
  2. Hook yourself to treadmill so when you fall it stops.
  3. make sure treadmill has railings…most due now. Have your neuro write a note saying you need for safety and then you can deduct for medical expense with receipt.
  4. use a Medical bracelet I recommend ( which gave me freedom if something should happen, emts have all info. The best one I found was they have a medical one that has a extensive medical history on line with a private code for emts to access. Mine says Ice my whole body down so I cool down quickly plus my neuro and emergency contacts. If you are like most, your body temperature rises when moving. I wore iced down bandanas, ice shirts soaked with cold water, I had a spray bottle to spray ice water on me while on treadmill and a fan blowing on me. Look up Kayla Montgomery, a ms runner. Inspiring as she would run then collapse into a trough of water at the end helped by her coach. I tried and similar happened, so she did it I could too! I would recover with cold. Just strategies.

When I started I couldn’t do 5 min..oh and for me bathroom had to be close as I would just unload;-( I kept doing it, A MS symptom back then.

..Every day or week I had progress. It was my therapy and hope,
I could see improvement and that gave me power!

I didn’t want my husband to go with me smelling of alcohol and being belligerent to others, SO I HAD TO USE STRATEGIES TO GAIN MY HEALTH AND INDEPENDANCE!

The funny thing is, the treadmill was a gift. I don’t think anyone realized or believed I would us it with my diet to gain my freedom back to health! Not only was it mobility, but it was emotional therapy from a abusive home environment

Please reach out if you want to talk. I am so passionate about helping people like you, and sharing my story to inspire YOU too!

It is possible, with baby steps. I hike now in South West Colorado with my pups. I am so grateful Humphrey is still hiking with me after his mobility issues!

In the winter with the sun, I have a sports bra on…but I do it and I just shed layers as needed!!! I get a great tan, and my heat resistance has changed by 20 degrees!

I am doing it!

It is a Long process but YOU CAN DO IT. Please reach out to me for more help!Contact me


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  1. I’m following your program with great results. My only problem is getting a tan like yours. Maybe when the Utah weather warms up just a bit.

    • Thanks Jeff! I love Colorado hiking weather, bundle up to start with then sun comes out and it’s shedding layers for a TAN 🙂 Make your day AMAZING JEFF! You are so inspiring!

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