It has been a hard lesson, for me to ask for help, but now I need some….

I was brought up to be fiercely independent to a fault. I have a past of heart breaks, but also many lessons, while getting sicker and sicker as my body was breaking down. I continued to fight to be well (what is that anyways?) and I received more lessons. I had episodes, that I know know were Multiple Sclerosis as far back as high school, but I covered them up, so as not to appear “Weak”. I was told that I was crazy many times even when I KNEW something was wrong. I pushed and tried to be the best I could be, but I had blockages and barriers that held me back, and food that was making me sicker year after year.

This picture is me, sitting on a bench in Rocky Mountain National Park, sick. depressed and feeling isolated (not Crazy)! I remember this so clearly and it makes me just so sad for what could have been so different, if I had support and knowledge of what was going on in my body.


Finally in 2011 I had my “Divine Storm” and received the diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after losing vision in my left eye for the 2nd time! This relapse was disabling. You see, the more relapses you have (with MS) the worse they get. In 2011 is when this new journey started for me and I am extremely GRATEFUL for that and all the lessons I have learned. It’s so much clearer looking back.

In 2012 I vowed if I ever got my mobility and ability back I would spend the rest of my life in service to others helping. I DID and I AM now after completing a 1 year program to become A Certified Integrative Health Coach, then another 6 months in Gut Microbiome, and another 6 months on Writing and Publishing your book. I invested all I had as I believed in my purpose and took my vow very seriously. I don’t know where my future will lead me (I pray not progressing with MS) but I will never give up!

The problem is I invested all I had in good faith. I have not been able to finish my book (the memoir of developing Multiple Sclerosis and all the shattered pieces for disease and how to heal) as it takes time and money to publish. Time I have been working hard to develop programs to help others and volunteer.

It takes income to serve a purpose (I hate this thought but the TRUTH), I have invested and reinvested because I believe. I have been extremely grateful for what seems to be RANDOM angels that have helped me time and time again to get this far, but nothing is random is it? I have been blessed with angels, but to me, that is the sign that I am on course with my vow and purpose.


My goal is to have 5 talks scheduled over the next year, my book published, facilitate group coaching to help others at a lower price point, and for those that like customization, Private Coaching, and Coaching Inspired by Nature (Coaching on the move, hiking or walking). I just recently launched my new email marketing list with a free EBook, for monthly newsletters and Meal planning to assist and teach others how to eat healthy foods quickly and simply (even with adaptive tools).


Again the problem. Financing. It cost money for me to invest in the tools to provide for others. I have been extremely proud of my capabilities thus far. I think back to even a couple years ago, and how hard it was for me to even accomplish a email list due to cognitive impairment. Back in 2013 my Neuro Psych exam was not hopeful for the future. I have ignored that and fought hard with diet and lifestyle changes. SO YES, I AM PROUD for who I am TODAY! And Proud, that I can say that about myself. Also something I didn’t really know was ok due to past history.


I am willing and honored to do the work. I am deeply touched by your belief in my mission and purpose, and honored to accept any help to do this. I have re-learned my past upbringing, that it is ok to ask for help, for a very important reason. This I do with a heavy heart but also with love in my heart and hopefulness for my purpose. I see so many that want help, but don’t know where to turn after getting Diagnosed with an Autoimmune or while being in a abusive or non-supportive relationship. That is when it feels like there is no way OUT. I want to show, Don’t EVER GIVE UP! THERE is a way, as I share in my story! #nevergiveup & #foodporn are my 2 favorite hashtags, ok maybe one other….#foodisthymedicine

Once again…Thank You and Bless You for whatever you can possibly share!


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