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Ordered your drops?  Then keep reading for the best instructions on WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM NOW THAT YOU RECEIVED????
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WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM NOW?  I am nervous….(don’t be) Life without pain is amazing!  I support the extracts as they are amazing and so helpful for people that deal with chronic pain, but for optimal health, it really is the whole body approach.  This is not a cure all but if you add in diet and lifestyle (as you will find out in clarity call with me) you will find your BLISS!
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When first starting Bode Wellness CBD drops for pain, sleep issues, it’s important to TURN ON the CBD receptors in your body.  You do this by starting slowly.  Start 1 time a day with 3 drops then in 3 days increase to 5 drops to 6.  Notice anything?  More is not always better.  When you notice RELIEF (not a buzz or anything else just RELIEF or SLEEP) you have found your dosing spot.  You can increase your drops according how you feel but do it slowly and in increments of every 3 days.  Typically the effects will wear off after 4 + hours.  This is not a science.  Everyone is different so play with it and keep a log to track your findings so you remember what works best.  Once you find your sweet dosage spot then you can also increase to 2 times a day up to 3 or 4 only as needed.
Warning.  If you are using for insomnia and to help with sleep its best to use at night as your normal wind down routine (we will discuss this and how to in our 6 month program).  Good sleep habits are important and with the CBD, it will help but it also makes you alert so don’t use right before bed.  Just as you are preparing to wind down.
As a reminder the 1500 mg bottle is a lot stronger then most.  You want to only use what your body needs and not overuse.  A dose of 6 – 12 drops is 10 -20 mg.  For fighting inflammation and cancers some find much higher dosages helpful but it’s all about how you feel and when you feel good.
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