What the YAK! What is a YAK? Why are YAKS a healthier alternative to other red meats?

I know I promised a article on YAK today, and why I love it!  Its been super busy but a promise is a promise!


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I am blessed to live in a area with ranchers that raise their cattle with sustainable practices.  They don’t spray roundup and they care about their cattle and earth.  Most of the cattle live on the ranches for life, from the time they were born to you know….  The ranchers know exactly how they live and what they are exposed too, which ultimately what we eat and are exposed to.  Roundup sprayed fields means kill off bugs which ultimately means kill off our good gut bacteria. Cattle eat we eat.  Kill our good gut bacteria and we kill our health!

Below is a great article that I wanted to share.  Why rewrite when there is already one right?

Having been diagnosed with MS in 2011, I try for foods that are supporting my health and healing.  Omega’s are amazing for your brain health and myelin sheath (the coating around nerves).  Yaks are the next best red meat.  Not everyone does well on a plant based diet no matter how hard they try.  We are all different.  You have to eat and give your body what it needs to heal and repair.  Yaks are grass fed and finished and like grass fed and grass fed beef (not corn or any other grain) if they are grazing on pastures that have never seen ROUND UP, you are look at anti-inflammatory protein for your body.   Most conventionally raised meats are INFLAMMATORY and should be avoided if you have any inflammatory or autoimmune diseases going in your body.

I love YAK.  I love grass fed grass finished beef.  I get to know my ranchers and how they are raised and processed.  I don’t believe in being in the dark about the whole process.

I also bless and thank them for sacrificing their life to feed my body with good nutrients and health.

This is not a article to condemn anyone that is not plant based only.  This is just to educate why you can make better choices. We are all on this beautiful earth together.

I hope that this did that for you.

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Thanks Friends!


I can’t stress enough!  Please know your rancher and your farms.  Where your food is from.  If you are buying from a “BIG STORE” ask them.  Make them know you care about the food you are buying and how it is raised.  The future depends on this!


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Here is the article at the below link 🙂


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