Do you get frustrated in the kitchen? Is it easier just to buy your food out?

So many people before they become clients of mine say that they are “NOT A GOOD COOK” !

They don’t know where to start, what to buy, what is good and what is bad for their health.  They give up and buy meals out.  HEY YOU SINGLE GUYS…you too right?


Making healthy meals doesn’t have to be complicated or hard.  Its actually fun and easy when you know how to listen to your body and what you enjoy.  Your taste buds do change (for the better) when you get off the restaurant foods and fast foods and processed foods.  You eat less too!  Crave less sugar and caffeine!

Have favorite recipes?  I can help you with those and create healthier versions that are not expensive or hard

Do you currently have weight issues or health challenges or unfortunately had a health crises.  Its not too late!

It took years for your health to decline so it does take time and commitment to reverse it back to health. My program is tailored to you and your changes.

 6 month programs are my specialty!  Read my testimonials.   I love working intensely with my clients and helping them succeed!  There is no better joy then for me to see your triumphs! It is a amazing process!20180917_1304457410160233072257536.jpg

You will learn how to cook and prepare food, fast and the healthy way.  Health does cost but so does Dis-ease.  I am on a limited budget so I know how to save and eat well at the same time.20180831_142111288070525429661613.jpg

You will learn to prepare beautiful meals that you will be so proud to present and who knows..maybe take pictures and call it #foodporn to share with your family and friends for fun!

You will learn what spices to use and when and why?

You will learn how to eat to optimize your digestion for better sleep and more energy!

Have other challenges in the kitchen?  I got ya there too!  I had really bad tremors, fatigue and vision issues in 2011.  I am a pro at coming up with strategies for YOU in the kitchen so its safe and fun.  I did on occasion have to visit the hospital for possible stitches before I learned.  And OMG, with turmeric and other blood thinners I thought I cut my hand off!  Phew just blood thinners.  YOU won’t have to go through trial and error.  I got you and will show you easy ways if you are physically challenged.  EVERYONE should have healthy good food and caretakers don’t always take or want to do what is needed even if it is super easy and fast.  Hey and if you are a caretaker, I will teach you too!

You will also learn healthy lifestyle choices.  Will you do them?  Well that is up to you but I will try my hardest to work with you to make life fun and easy and healthy while you have the commitment to yourself.  20180822_0923368461420945666520078.jpg

I am creative, and love to have fun myself.  This is not about giving up, but rather gaining VITALITY!   I take on life with curiosity and will teach you the same.  Its fun.  Join me and lets find out what are your favorite ways to your stomach, health and happiness!


Discover how

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