What the heck is a health coach? How would I benefit by having one? What is so special in gut health. What does that have to do with Autoimmune? What the heck….

As a IIN Integrative Health Coach specializing in autoimmune disease and gut microbiome (simply said, gut health), I will work with you with your diet, lifestyle  relationships and all other aspects of you life.  I will hold you accountable to make the changes you desire but also  I will work with your other practitioners to make sure you are on target and are given the support you need to make sustainable changes for life!

Did you know that there are 3 triggers that need to be turned on to get have autoimmune disease develop in your body?  I was shocked having been diagnosed myself with MS.  If you have 3 triggers to turn on, how do you turn them OFF?

The gut microbiome, gut health, leaky gut, probiotics, GMO’s and food sensitivities are all marketing words being used now.  Do you know why and what they all mean?  Hint there is a key and the answer lies within by MARKETING in our grocery stores will not reveal the answers.  They are just using the terms to market.

Educate yourself and find out the real truth here.  Learn what the triggers are and how to TURN them off.  

Don’t trust your health to others!  Take control and be your own #1 advocate.  Aren’t you worth it?


My  consults are 50 minutes long, and done in person if local, Zoom video conferencing or by Phone if your are unable to travel to me.

I LISTEN to you and we work  TOGETHER to accomplish your goals.   It really does take 6 months to make the changes, set goals, reevaluate what works and doesn’t, break through  your personal barriers and update to new goals that will be sustainable for a  life time of health and thriving.

My 6 month program have shown proven results!

It will be a huge commitment by you to take charge of your health.  I will become your best cheer leader, best friend and also that person you love to hate when you are making changes.  That is OK.  I can take it!  Can you?

  It took years for your health to decline so it does take time and commitment to reverse it back to health. My program is tailored to you and your changes.

 6 month programs are my specialty.   I love working intensely with my clients and helping them succeed.  We also will  address all 12 aspects of “the Circle of Life”Most health conditions and challenges are NOT just diet but also past history, relationships, childhood dramas, a lack of boundary setting, financial planning, need I go on? In addition, I will teach you and supply you with customized recipes to fit your needs and lifestyle (bio-individuality).  You will also learn and have the bonus skills of knowing why and what ingredients and spices YOUR body needs then.  Not everyone is the same. Crazy but true to eat according to the seasons and the weather.  Your body knows.  It is usually our first brain not the 2nd brain (our gut) that influence bad eating habits.  I will teach you how to know how to adapt your favorite recipes with healthier choices.  I will teach you to know the various weather patterns (HOT, COLD, DRY, HUMID) and how to eat for optimal digestion.  Our bodies need different recipes for each type of season. 

Did you ever notice when its cold and damp your body aches?  I will teach you why and what to eat to support your body and not hinder healing.  This is not complicated when you learn how to listen to what your body needs for its optimal health.  There are times I want a burger, so I go with a YAK burger (which is higher in Omegas and lower in fat)! 

This program and lifestyle is NOT about being denied what you love, but rather enhancing your own unique self ~  

I also provide a 50 minute strategy session (for health tune ups and specific goal setting)  This maybe used if you are on a budget or just needing some quick advise and help to get back on track.

Schedule a complimentary discover consult first and let’s see where you are.  I don’t work with everyone and so this discovery session is me determining if you have what it takes to commit, and for you, determining if you want me to be your , COACH, MOTIVATOR, MENTOR, BEST FRIEND, CHEERLEADER and supporter for this time. 

Returning your life, your body,  and your spiritual being back to balance (health) is So Amazing and Empowering, but its not a simple pill…….

TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE NOW!  What will you future look like if you don’t?



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