Stress and our Lesson for today

We headed out for our usual hike but needed adventure today! We have been really stressed out for many reasons. I hate stress!

As we hike, which is my coping skill used to change stress with fresh air, beautiful scenery to being inspired. I hope it works!

As we arrived at #Piedmont trail in Ouray, we glance down at the area that was once filled with trash. As I often hike this trail, I couldn’t not notice all the dispensary bottles, beer bottles and other assorted trash and dirty Q-TIPS- GROSS displayed in the woods like a splatter of paint thrown on a canvas of a masterpiece painting. This was a 5 hour clean up that I did, so as I walk by the now cleaned up woods, I feel good that its better then it was. Still some remnants left but that will be another day hauling the tires out. Humphrey Gracie and I continued up the mountain. With the rain that fell last night, there were many rodant smells to keep Gracie darting back and forth between the trees. Dog Heaven for sure!


We kept looking at the huge flat rock that we normally hike around at a distance but today was the day, I wanted to get closer.


Big Flat Rock that was calling us…

But how? Huge ravines washed out over years of heavy down pours. Huge boulders and loose rocks waiting to be washed down from their temporary resting space. Hmm? Maybe down, up and over? With the clouds, it brought coolness to the morning air. Coolness to the valley, nice temps for me to explore. This week not being our normal working and studying schedule after exam week last week, it was time for adventure!

We arrived at the s turn in the trail where I noticed a deer trail. Yup with Gracie on it, off we went to find the big flat rock down the deer trail!


This way mom!

Heading towards our destination was exciting. Where will we be in 1 hour, what will we find? curiosity, always gets me!

The path wasn’t so bad, as we scrambled under tree branches and held our footing on the loose soil in the ravine


loose dirt and STEEP

Gracie was off with her nose finding smells, Humphrey my fearless therapy pup stayed right with me.


Well as much as we could stay together, as it was STEEP! We kept going, but only to a dead end! We couldn’t see the big flat rock anymore. We must have overshot.

I was getting really warm and with old MS symptoms, brought on by heat, I knew this was not going to end well if we kept going looking for the rock.

The funny thing is, when you are headed to your destination, its fun and exciting! When turned around and the now new thought of storm clouds, ravine (previously) washed away with years of flooding, a flash flood warning in THIS area until this afternoon….UH OH!!! This might have not been the best idea.


It was steep, we crawled, slid, and dug our way to the top of the cliff where Gracies tail was once again waiting for us. Phew, no rain! A couple times, I caught myself with slight nervousness. What was I doing? Where did I bring Humphrey??? He might slip? Never it was Humphrey!

Gracie, was overjoyed when we appeared up and out of the ravine, to safety, she came flying down the trail towards us!

But there it was! That big flat rock again, that I was so curious about! UGGGH!

AS it was getting hotter it might have to be another day.




Gracie again off following her nose, went straight down over the cliff. Chipmunks! With their little sqeeling sounds, it is hard for Gracie not to follow!

This use to make me nervous,as we hsve Mpuntaon Lions, but there comes a time I just have to let that go. She will be ok! She is smart!

Humphrey and I continued down the mountain toward the truck.


THERE AHEAD OF US, I never made the connection, another section of that very same ravine, but this time we were closer to the flat rock!

Gracie running, in the distance hearing her tags, we decided to once again take a look for the big flat rock!

This timethe route was a very flat path leading us to a make shift camp site

and 2 very golden trees.


BEING it was August it was surprising how they have changed already. But there they were Magical and Golden! Behind them

was the flat rock but 2 parts of it. This I never saw from above!


and more yellow!

WOW did these change while we we on the hike? How did we pass all the yellow and not notice?

Fall will be here..soon!!!



it was magical. The golden trees, the ravine with the flat rock, the red rocks and the misty sky. It was almost like finding the rainbow for Humphrey and I!

Time had flown and oops, darn where is Gracie?

Back to the trial Humphrey and I found the truck. Still no jingling of her tags???

I am tired of stress. She will arrive. Faith! She will. She will be here…soon….

I walked to the other side of the truck to see how many dirty Q-tips there were on the ground and…

Awe!!! Gracie’s nose found her a rainbow and a pot of gold, too! A jaw bone from the many scattered bones down below us.

It was a great hike filled with unexpected gifts.


Lesson- stress has a way of blocking my vision. Hiking has a soothing way of getting me inspired again!

What is really so important to be so stressed out about anyways? The mountains, the ravine, the potential of flash flooding…it all brings it back to perspective. With the golden gifts…
I was hiking and I will forecer be greatful for our time together on the trail in the San Juan mountains!

I shall carry the peace and gratidude with me today!

What about you?

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