CBD. Do you know all the amazing health benefits? Bode Wellness 1500 mg extract. Strong and amazing stuff people love!

With Chronic inflammation, lack of sleep, stress, autoimmune diseases on the rise, I am now adding a new dimension to my Health & Wellness Coaching practice Katrina Anne Toucke LLC.  

I am so thrilled to be able to share discounts with my clients currently in my programs for More Savings but also to others that just are interested in this amazing product.  This product is ORGANIC, and sourced locally.  I personally know the product and how it is produced and can stand behind this product.  I am all about Organic and knowing the source.  If you are looking for a great alternative to Pharmaceuticals for any health challenges, CBD is amazing at putting your body into homeostasis with a natural non chemical way.  I love the carrier oils that they use for their Organic CBD extract and the best part> 1500 mg…YES that is right.  Not a megger 150 mg you buy in the store! 

With extracts and topicals I am excited to provide discounts.  Be sure to like and follow my site http://www.tootlingtranquilitytinyhouse.com so that you can order and feel the benefits.

Because you are ordering with Katrina Toucke Coaching as your distributor, don’t forget to use the discount code  Toucke  for a discount on your Extracts and Topicals!  YES they ship to all 50 states!

For higher discounts,  I am providing a 50 minute discovery consult on the benefits of this product and what my 6 month program can do for you.  If it’s a right fit for coaching, it’s a win win with COACHING and CBD AND HIGHER DISCOUNTS to help you head to a life of THRIVING!

To schedule your complimentary health and wellness consult Schedule Consults are done in my Tiny House if local or via Zoom, secured video conferencing or by phone.  No excuses for living a life with Dis-EASE!

PS Don’t forget to like, share with family and friends.  We all need HEALTH which is the most powerful wealth in the world once you experience the fear of not having it!

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