How long will you wait? Will it be too late…death is final but nothing is final before…

This has been a week so far 🙁 and it is only Wednesday. I have gotten news of friends and family with cancer diagnoses, of auto immune, falling accidents, and finally death all just this week. I don’t know about you, but I am highly motivated to change my path.  Did you know genes are only part of a diagnoses? Are you going to turn the dis-ease on or off in your body?
Lifestyle🧘‍♀️, diet🌶🥦🍈, gut health🐜 and exercise all have the ability to keep that switch off the diagnoses and CREATE HEALING!

I am motivated to keep my switch off. What about you?  I never own that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I was diagnosed and had a disabling relapse in 2011, YES, but I don’t own the diagnoses.
Do you listen to your excuses your tell others, your thoughts, and what comes out of your mouth? Really? Your body and your cells are listening!  They listen and behave accordingly.

I don’t own my diagnoses and I don’t give in.  No weights for strength training? Find a rock!!  I work on my physical, emotional and spiritual strength daily.

Stability and strength are huge as your body ages.
Minimize falls, improve balance….find a rock!!!💥 Join me!

No time, your say? Multi task. I am watering and improving my strength and exercising my neurons in my brain all at the same time. Relearning balance and movement😎 and moving myself towards recovery.
Lets bust thru the excuses. Lets find out the blocks that are really stopping you from heal.

Schedule a one on one discovery consult with me to find out what is holding you back and to free you from that block. Are you ready?  Visit my scheduler on under SCHEDULE.

Do you have the courage to try? I have the know how, but I need you to have the courage .💥🤗❤  I need you to have enough SELF LOVE (which for me was really hard) to know there is better!  I PROMISE!
Schedule, NOW
…before you are the next one getting a diagnoses. If you have one…I can help. I had one too in 2011🤗😁a diagnoses is not a determination of fate!🧘‍♀️♥️☎️🤗
Ready? Lets go!
Katrina Touck’e

I will meet you more then 1/2 way. It won’t be scary with me as your coach. I have the experience and education 🥦🍈😎🐜🧘‍♀️♥️💥🤗 and we can go slow with baby steps or jump, lets fly and thrive fast. Your choice, but we will move forward…..
☎️⤵️❤ what will you choose?
Feeling resistance? Money, time, energy, fear?
No commitment to do a discovery interview. Just 50 minutes. Just a discovery where your health might be… ⤵️☎️🤗❤

Katrina Anne Toucké -coach, public speaker health advocate

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