You are what you absorb not what you eat

Do you know where your food is coming from? It is scary when you thought what you were buying in the grocery stores was good and nutient dense. GUESS WHAT? NOT SO.
It is so important to know your food sources. Not everyone can, but aks your stores about their sources. Learn and get educated. Its your health at stake!
If it is meat, where are they raised? Are they given Antibiotics, hormones, steriods? Are they limited to a metal building or a pen? Are the fields sprayed with Round UP? Are they Grass fed/ grass finished? What is the source of the grass or is it corn or grain? Did you know Corn is one of the most toxic crops?

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Well what they eat and are exposed to YOU EAT and so does your HAPPY and BAD bacteria in your gut. Your gut is the source of health. If you kill the good bugs in your gut off, where does that leave your health? HMMMMMM….make you wonder (I HOPE SO)
If you want to learn more, call me (ABOVE) and lets do a complimentary discovery consult to see where your health is going.

Mean while check these guys out! Amazing people and ranching practices. NO BAD STUFF EVER and the alfalfa is produced by them locally and is non GMO and NON roundup ready from heritage seeds. They SHIP too! I love these guys!

YOU ARE what you eat and even more you are what you absorb!If your gut is not absorbing, you are in trouble. Maybe not today but down the road unless you fix it and make happy bugs in your gut!

I encourage for people to eat as their bodies need. Eating meat is a bio-individuality choice. My diet is 80% plants and 20% protein. My protein is important for my strength. I choose protein that is anti-inflamatory and has healthy fats versus inflamatory for my body
I figure I pay now, for me and to enjoy, or I pay later to hospitals, doctors and pharma. My choice, what do you choose? Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for reading this post and visiting 🙂

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