Who will join me?

So…I am in school, with Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. I AM A CERTIFIED Health Coach, and specialize in Gut Microbiome. My passion is helping people avoid what I personally went through in 2011 with a disabling relapse, diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis after years being undiagnosed and having the dis-ease progress until it was finally caught but not before it hit accompanied with my divine storm. July 7 2011. I am so blessed and grateful for being where I am🧘‍♀️🐶🐶I may Have challenges brought on 60 degrees and higher, but with strategies I am reinventing my life!

IIN is offering holiday specials! Save big and get your health and families health back on track! Not into school? Call me and lets do a 6 month program where I hold you accountable for all your changes! As a holistic health and lifestyle coach, we can do this! Via video conferencing, phone or in person my appointment only.

Wow, 6 months! Can you do it? Are you coachable? Do ypu have the cpurage to try?

DO you want to be a different person THIS TIME, for NYE?

CONTACT me, here, above for a discovery consult to see how easy it can be with me as your coach! LETS DO THIS!

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