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Katrina Toucke, Integrative Health & Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, soon to be a Published Author

Stepping Stones to Reclaiming and Reinventing

After getting diagnosed in 2011 with Multiple Sclerosis, experiencing a devastating and disabling relapse, Katrina is sharing her story to help inspire others.

Being the youngest of 5 children, Katrina’s youth was very unstable, and consistently experiencing numerous amounts of change. Katrina had to learn to be very independent at a young age due to being primarily raised by a single working mom, who also returned back to school. The standard American diet became popular when she was in grade school, which included a lot of diary, processed foods, the microwave and fast food. It was great for a busy mother and lifestyle. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of various health issues, operations and antibiotics. During Katrina’s high school years, her brother passed away unexpectedly. The downward spiral of her health continued. After multiple traumas and years of what is now known as relapse after relapse, Katrina was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2011. This last relapse was disabling.

Katrina vowed to fight this horrible disease in 2012 and if she ever got her life back she would reinvent her life to AMAZING! This is exactly what she has been doing since 2012! By education, practicing diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, she has reclaimed her life and is now reinventing!

Katrina continued her passion for health and graduated as a Certified Integrative Health and Life Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2017, continuing her education with Advance Gut Microbiome and is currently writing her book “Autoimmune and your Gut Microbiome – Stepping stones to reclaiming your health”. Katrina is also a motivational speaker sharing her education and experience of reinventing her own life. Katrina currently volunteers with the Ouray County Food Bank and is an OMBassador with Through her own business as a coach, she shares her knowledge with others, helping them regain or maintain excellent health and happiness. Katrina offers a complimentary discovery consult for people that are curious with how their life and health can improve. In addition to all, she also maintains her blog , and a Facebook page Katrina Anne Toucke llc – and she post regularly on IG, how she is “walking her talk” on a daily basis – Instagram Katrina Toucke Coach.

Life is too long if miserable and too short if AMAZING. She is going for Amazing, living in Ridgway, Colorado with her 2 big pups in her Tumbleweed Tiny House and enjoying all the amazing beauty the area has to offer.

If you are interested in contacting Katrina regarding speaking engagements, health coaching, health advocacy, or her upcoming book release, she would love to hear from you.

Office/Cell 970-231-798, Email:

Ridgway, Colorado (serving clients anywhere in the United States with consults via video conferencing/phone )

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