Baby cows watching in the pasture

As I sit and watch the evening sun fade away and the newly born babies romp, sadness and joy overwhelms me.

There are some babies that are laying still, the big cows maybe the moms visit and nudge, the other babies romp and play. I cant help getting the thought of Rudolph wanting to play adult reindeer games. The young ones are so playful! The non moving babies, are they younger, sick, or the weaker ones? In school we had the analogy of eating cows makes you take on slow strong slow moving adult cows. I am a meat and fish protein eater, only grass fed finished pasture and wild caught fish. This makes me curious and sad. Are cows young full of energy when born only to slow down as they age. Like people? Do I not do well without animal proteins to balance the high energy I have?Anxiety at times? Hmmm?

I have never witnessed this amazing scene. It’s hard, sad, joyful watching the little ones?! As a health coach, I respect that all different people need different proteins for optimal health. Everyone is different and has different needs. I have tried vegan and do eat mostly plant based, however, I do need a protein that is animal based. I shake if not enough and get very weak. I choose grass fed grass finished. And wild caught only. Want to know why? Ask me.

Yes they have a free pasture life but I also found out 24 months is all! I am torn.

I need to keep my health up. Please do not judge. I do that myself enough, watching the little ones. I, right now have meat to grill in fridge.

Ughhh!!! I CAN JUSTIFY with reasons to do and not explain now. I know both!

Authentically being me. Think. Be curious. And make your decision based on you!!!

Katrina Toucké- health and life coach.

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