HAPPY FRIDAY my waterline is being sent Monday🤸‍♀️ Angels surround me♥️🎉😎

I am so blessed! I have been dealing with frozen water all winter. Trouble shooting, using strategies, insulating, skirting, space heater (throwing MS symptoms on high with too much heat) and checking and rechecking all with the help from Sam the owner here at Webers! IT turns out my water line was heating. Lights on but no heat!

I contacted Good Sams in Longmont Co where I purchased it with a 2 year warranty. I was told to bring it back. I am 5 hours away! I could send it to them but then pay $30 to send back a replacement and probably the same to ship the one that wasnt heating, $60. NOPE! NOT A GOOD SOLUTION IN FEBRUARY in Colorado!

I kept calling back and finally got my 1st Angel. Candis Godley of Camping World who took the time, listened and helped me!!! Candis put me in touch with my 2nd angel, Kim Gamaul (sp?) Of Camco! After Candis forwarded my receipt to Kim, Kim is sending out replacement on Monday!!! This is huge!!!

To have such amazing sales customer service can be very rare. It often takes hours to resolve. Not with these Angels!!!

I AM so greatful for these 2 angels, Sam the owner here @campwers and Robert, my neighbor that leant me his extra heated water line♥️😎

I am feeling blessed and excited tonight as this has been a long ordeal!

It’s interesting I went shopping Feb 15 For my birthday, to buy all needed for our new Tumbleweed Tiny House 2017, MARCH I picked her up, March 2018 Her 1st birthday! Awe. Best year and challenging year!!! #Rv101 Lessons getting fewer and fewer! FYI March is #MSawareness month!

Happy 1st Birthday Tootling Tranquility Tiny House♥️♥️♥️🐶🐶🌋 what a amazing year its been.

I have been blessed by so many angels on this amazing journey♥️ and I am over the moon greatful I can mentally and physically do this journey with my 2 amazing pups! What a ride!!!🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🌋







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