Watch “Its snowing” on YouTube


1 sad just a dusting this am

2 headed out to meet friends for the adult how clinic for ice climbing in Ouray

3 marveling at how beautiful it is

4 Arrived parked and then the fun started!!! STUCK! It poured rain last night…its snow with ice underneath

8 climbers, 2 police jeeps, a Tacoma with another climber, and a wench. Jeep pulling Tacoma with wench attached to me pulling me out of a pickle. 4 wheel drive ice and other parked vehicles not fun but all worked out. After I was put ran to say good buy and thank you’s plus hugs. My angels!♡ Gratitude and blessings!🤗🤗♥️


no climbing 🙁 but met friends for lunch🍟🍔

6 drove back and Humphrey and I shoveled all around Toots and made snow skirting

🤸‍♀️🎉🎈12000 steps

7 dinner

8 walk 💩💩🐶🐶😥🌋🎉♥️♥️

How to make a AMAZING DAY!!!

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For more amazing days, adventures and never boring 😉

I am so blessed by angels. Its all good…🎉🎉🎉🤸‍♀️🌋🤗🎆

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