Did you ever wonder about your health or your families? Are you gaining the satisfaction you want when you visit your doctors? Do they know about nutrition or talk about it? Be your #1 own advocate

With my journey (which you can read about in “Katrina’s Story”) I was having divine storm, everyone thought I was crazy!  I got tired of hearing “its all in your head”.  YUP that is where my lesions were!

Years of complaining of symptoms that I now understand what they were and why they were happening in my body, I didn’t before.  Plus having people discount my symptoms just made me feel crazy and depressed!  I loved (now graduate of) IIN and learning so much about my health but also giving me the ability to help others!

Curious?  Feel free to contact me on my above link or hit the below link to get a copy of what you will learn.

I am super excited as of Jan 28th I am back in IIN for a advance course for 7 months.    I am not going to settle.  Life is too long when its miserable and way to short when its amazing!  I am going for amazing!  I have reinvented my life and it is amazing!

Please let me know if you want to hear more!  I am passionate about health and wellness and helping other people.  I have been there in 2011 and NEVER want to go back!

I am forever grateful for where I am NOW!

Katrina Touck’e



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