Did you ever notice….?


Mom your getting sick

You dont feel right? Maybe its a weird momentary spinning of your head? You seem to to have a weird ear ache on one side, a runny nose, you just feel tired, over welmed by everything and  just annoyed by your lack of patience.  Yup!!!

HELLO your body is screaming.  Hey you!!! Stubborn one!!! I need to rest, there is a bug getting ready to attack…..

Time for some soup and see if things will get better.

Some probiotics to retore my gut flora and restore good bug and get rid of the bad ones



Wham…everything I did was exhausting.  Ok I get it…REST!!!



While fighting the COLD then the COLD is coming in to my tiny house area.  I am so tired and don’t feel much like dealing with frozen pipes.  I just exhausted!  I have been working on trouble shooting where the water is freezing.  I don’t believe its inside my tiny.  Heats on and I have a small heater in the kitchen with cabinet doors open.

Lets try this new idea!  I have heat taped my sewer line, now I am heat taping the area where my heated water line comes into the house then stuff insulation in the box and tape more insulation to the outside.  

  I am so grateful for Sam who is the owner of Camp Weber  helping me trouble shoot.  We at this point (I am posting this well after the recovery of all our colds) .  He and his friend Adam were amazing  helping me out when I was having a hard time with the will cold!  

more to come on the frozen water pipes and freezing.  My first winter in my tiny house.  RV 101 and Tiny House 101 …stay tuned….



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