AUGUST 17 2017 dose #1 of new MS drug  feel like crap!   How do I get myself back?


Hello All!  Its now December 2017, on a very cold day in Colorado, making soup and catching up on inside work.   I found this video and thought I would post as its a good record of what life is like after my first infusion of Ocrevus which is now the strongest MS drug. After the first infusion you then have to wait 10 days for the 2nd infusion.  The first time taking the drug (Ocrevus) they split into 2 doses to watch for reactions.  The next DOSE 2 (full dose) will be in February for me.  This is a new drug so its not known how things will go with each dose, but so far so good (December 2017 when I am posting this).

I really hated these doses, as the steroids that they make you have prior to the dose amp me up and make me feel psychotic.  Everyone reacts to drugs differently, and for me I will do just about anything not to have to do steroids.  Its very scary and unsettling for me.  After talking to the dr’s about this reaction I have, they did give me a steriod that stays in your body for less time.   The trade off with this drug is a infusion every 6 months after the first dose (that is split).  Tysabri that I was on prior was every 28 days and is stronger  then Tysabri so less disability hopefully.

I nourish my body, exercise and with reinventing have done well.  Like everything in life you have to be your own #1 advocate and really take care of your body yourself.  SO this video is about that and how I cook (eat) to feel better and why I do what I do.

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Life is to long not to make it amazing!

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  1. Happy to hear that you are doing better and they will try different steroid. This time I had them reduce the amount I got as they reduced the treatment dosage of Rituxan.
    Wishing you all the best xo😘❤️

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