Feeling a bit overwhelmed, sluggish? A gift to you …. Click on link below for EBOOK

Hi All!

I am a graduate of IIN and wanted to share this e-book with you!  This school has changed my life after getting divorced, and on the road to getting my health back after my divine storm of 2011 I enrolled AND I AM SO HAPPY I DID!

IIN is not just about the food you put in your mouth but what else makes up your life.  After the holidays I know people tend to struggle. Why not give yourself a gift with a EBook, or better yet a BETTER FUTURE with HEALTH?

I have learned from the best for my health and coaching practice and wanted to pass this on if you are interested or curious.  Many are curious for their own health and their families to make their family’s stronger!

With the holidays upon us, shouldn’t you give yourself the gift of knowledge and health so that you can be present for your families and their future?

Sorry to sound HARSH, but I have seen so many people not put themselves first and its sad, as are they really not present for their families.  I am passionate about this…(haha obviously) for a reason, if you know my story!

Let me know if you have any questions!  One of my favorite subjects that I am passionate about….helping others, health and wellness and yes I do it out of my tiny 🙂

WOW as I right this, a AMAZING sunset!  I am blessed!

Cheers and Love you all!

Katrina and my tribe!

IIN grad and  Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

CLICK on below link… for ebook!


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