Unexpected visitors today this morning

Amazing sunsets🌋

While I was making dinner last night I met an amazing women Amelia on her way to the bathroom.  She was so excited to have met the person that lives in the tiny house.  I asked, “do you want to see it” as I was heading back for a spatula from the community grill.

  “YES! REALLY? YES???”  She loved the inside of Tootling Tranquility. I love showing off my house built by Tumbleweed Tiny Homes in Colorado Springs.  Peoples face just light up when they enter my tiny home that is so cozy and inviting.  The inside with all the beetle kill, custom kitchen and stairs and the whole house on the inside, and my style of decorating like a mountain cabin JUST my LOVE!  It’s my tiny cabin on wheels. The best decision I have ever made. I love sharing my experiences living tiny and answering questions and explaining why I designed Toots the way I did on the inside.

Tumbleweed Tiny House

We said our good byes and back to the grill I went for some well needed protein (elk burgers which are all grass fed and finished).  My body doesn’t do well on just vegi’s  (bio individuality) , but that’s another blog later, from health coach Katrina 😉

Morning blessings

What an amazing morning this has been.  Up at 5:30 to meditate, affirming my gratitude’s and saying my prayers while also making my list of the 3 intentions for day.  This is the way I start every day.  I believe this practice makes for amazing days to follow and I am hooked.  I will take AMAZING!  After this of course the morning snuggles (must do also) with my pups.  What a great way to start the day.  While making their breakfast, I heard some loud crunches.

Well hello there🦄

  With my windows in the loft open I get the outside in 😊 Passing by our front door and just over a small irrigation ditch was one of the horses that have been grazing in the pasture.  WHAT A GIFT!  SO BEAUTIFUL SO CLOSE……

Our new friends

until Gracie and Humphrey caught sight of this huge intruder by our front door.  The tiny erupted with lots of warning barks.  I quickly grabbed a bag of treats for a positive reinforcement training moment. 

I love horses, cows and YES TREATS!

 The horses are our friends (treat), look aren’t they beautiful? (treat) soon, my tribe were sitting on the porch and not caring about he horse on the other side of my gate.

Me too and I love all our big adventures in our tiny

TREAT! This works great!  I don’t want them barking at the cows or the horses.  People I am fine with if they approach as they are great door bells but animals like the horses and cows, NO.   I am so grateful this is my morning!!

We left for our little walk around the park and ran into Amelia again.  She shared that they all got up and went to an overlook about 15 minutes away for an amazing sunrise.  

Note to myself.. I need to figure out how to get up earluer to see sunrise even with my meditation schedule and feeding schedule.  I love sunrises….

Ok I am back, Amelia and I again stood talking and she shared that her dream was to get this job of traveling that her friend like her friend is doing.  She loves traveling, meeting people and experiencing different cultures.  WOW, I am so inspired by her.  She is young, and she gets it already!  She wants to be out of her corporate job and have a job that allows her to have the lifestyle she loves.  Amelia named off everywhere she had traveled just last year alone!  So many I can’t remember but I do remember Greenland or Iceland (can’t totally remember but I want to go, haha) and Switzerland.  I wish I was that brilliant when I was her age.  I can’t and don’t look back with sadness of what could have been.  You see, I look at everything that has happened to me and all my not so wonderful divine storms that I have successfully navigated through, brought me here and now. They taught me to pay attention, listen to by body and soul and follow my intuition.    They were all lessons which I did learn from, and I am forever grateful for where they have brought me to now.  I am, however, always inspired by the people I meet.  More gifts each day.  Sharing stories and experiences.  Even for just moments, yup they are all lessons and I am now paying attention!

So, the name Amelia I knew had to mean something!  I felt it had to.  Latin it means “industrious” and “striving”.  Yup!  I felt this was perfect for this new friend I just met.  She is going to continue to travel and meet the most amazing people and do amazing things for this world.  As we left each other wishing each other well, I remember saying, follow your dream.

So many times, in my life and others that I coach, I see that so often we pick the route of what is expected or what others think we should do.  This doesn’t really mean its truth, or it aligns with our souls.

Follow your dreams my new friend Amelia……follow your dreams <hugs> it was a honor and a blessing to have shared space.


Katrina, her tribe and Tootling Tranquility Tiny House



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