Watch “”Our House”- Crosby Stills and Nash – Lyrics (HD)” on YouTube

This song is the essence of my vision.  Our house is a very very fine house, with 2 dogs on the porch, life use to be to so hard.

Tonight as I am sitting in a amazing yard, I am humbled by my life experiences.  When I changed and believed in myself and my bodies ability to fix itself given the chance, life changed.  Taking care of yourself with good nuturing food, exercise, nature, suportive relationships and the belief of a power greater then anything else, all changed.  I am so very greatful for following my heart and my gut. In my 50 years it hasnt always been that way but they were lessons.  I am going with the motto, life is to long when you are miserable, and life is to short when you are living amazing.  I take AMAZING♡🤗🎆🤸‍♀️🎉🙏

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