Wow!  I reflect tonight

Living tiny is Huge! I am reflecting tonight where I came from. Scary scary but also exhlerating!  Wow i am doing this!

As I stand on my tiny porch, my pups doing  the last call potty break (no yard) I hope and I did the right for us. I have a feeling of peace, looking at this scenery but also anxiety. 

This is so different!  I remember the past and realize, Wow how grateful I am now! I see the big mansions on the hill , cozy,  big homes.  I am grateful for my tiny♡ Freedom to reinvent!😘

LARGER HOMES WITH A YARD, wasnt the 🗝. Smaller  brings on amazing insughts.  I didnt need all that I had in my prevous life..  It didnt make me happy. This feels right.  I am excited for the future and coziness with my tribe🌋🤸‍♀️🎉

This really makes me understand gratitude and being  grounded to where I am truely present♡ and want to be.

So many refections.

Are you ready?

Do i have regrets? IT IS ALL AMAZING Not easy BUT IT IS INSPIRING.  LESSONS. I am forever grateful for the lessons and inspirations🤗

I want ti be authentic. This is truth☆

Gnight all♡ heat on windows opened🤸‍♀️for air and cool mountain breezes. I need sleeping below 60 degrees and no frozen pipes.  A simple life of inspirations and lessons🤸‍♀️🌈🦄🐶

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