After leaving Black Hawk Colorado, where we spent the summer in the coolness of 9400 feet, we headed across Peak  to Peak scenic drive to a small town Pinewood Springs. The weather had now started to change from the clear warm summer skies to a foggy cold mist of fall.  This was not ideal weather to haul Tootling Tranquility to our new stepping stone, but it was better for me then heat.  

We said our good byes to the new friends and peeps that we had  shared space with all summer long.  I was grateful to meet all these people,  but always a bit sad moving on and saying see ya later!

Moving is always stressful for me.  It is new and scary but neccesary for me to be in a ideal climate because of my heat intolerance due to MS. 


packing and preparing to move starting the week before, it turns out there was still alot to do.  Before leaving, Lance and I had to brand my mountain lion prints onto the porch.  Another story for later, but the mountain lion is my totem animal.  Lance and I had shared stories and memories of animal sightings.  AFTER me sharing my story,  Lance  gave to me a beautiful drawing he had done of a mountain lion (now framed and displayed in my tiny).  IT was only right that Lance was the one I would brand paw prints into my tiny’s porch🤗😘 

With parking limited, I  had to hook up Mazie, my truck, to my tiny right before pulling out.  Not ideal, but I got this.  I HAD this, with a ton of help, doses of courage and support from a new friend Luke.  Traveling by myself, can me amazing, but also fustrating.  I miss having someone to help and go thru this experience with.  Luke was patient, kind and calm, all of the qualities I did not have on this moving day.  I KEPT telling him, his wife should be greatful for him and his qualities. Luke checked all my tires air pressure which was my new lesson.  I was greatful as they needed air and he taught me what was needed.  

We got all hitched,  but then I needed more help, as my house was set on blocks of  wood back in June to stabilize, but now would not budge.  Russ who works at Basecamp, came out with his jack, interrupting his breakfast prep.  He got me free! NEXT pulling out.  With Luke spotting me, I cleared the gas station and other obstacles and was ready to tootle!   JUST then the other Gracie ran out of Lances truck.  I didnt want to run her over, so we all stopped.  AND THEN OTHER peeps pulled up with their dog in their car TO SAY GOODBYE,  my Gracie now going nuts in my back seat, trying to climb out my window.  Reflex…shut the window!!! Omg her head was in the window, shes yelping, there was way to much chaos going on, I had shut her head in the window!!! With the stress of all, my brain couldnt figure how to lower  the window. Cognitive disfunctiin due to stress.   I WAS PANICING.  IF I MADE THE WRONG DECISION I COULD KILL MY GIRL!!! I WAS PISSED, FUSTRATED, AND  CLOSE TO SHUTTING DOWN.  I COULD HEAR MYSELF YELLING ” HELP ME” as I watched Lance get Gracie, the other people and their dog drove away from what I felt turned into a freak show. I got my Gracies head out of the window and I started to cry. NOT THE WAY I WANTED TO EXIT!

I ran over  to the other side of the truck,  Amy who also worked at Basecamp, came and checked on her. Amy and Chrystal were watching what I had hoped was a easy exit.  IT WAS NOT!!!

My Gracie was ok, just scared and shaking. I WAS FREAKED! NOT THE WAY TO DRIVE OFF. Amy cakmed us both.  ONCE I was sure we were all ok, off we went.  I stopped out on the high way to shake off what had just happened.

Just like the song Seagull by Bad Co sings….

Seagull you fly across the horizon

into the misty morning sun.

YUP we were on our way to our next stepping stone where Tootling Tranquility was getting a new coat of stain for the winter, the plan was to attend a friends 60th birthday party, visiting with human and dog friends we haden’t seen in a long time!

HERE WE Would spend a week, without water and electric but by the gift of a new friends permission we were parked on her property.  

The fall Aspens were a amazing sight.  Fall is always my favorite season here in Colorado.  So much yellow and glowing♡

It seemed to be a really slow drive but it turns out time wise, not bad.  The scenic drive  was filled with twist, turns, hills up and down, tourist looking at the leaves and MIST! WHEN I made it around the tight round about in Nederland Colorado, all 30 feet of my house and trailer plus my 1 ton truck, I knew WE GOT THIS!

YES seemingly to be a long drive, my girlfriend met me in Pinewood our next stepping stone, for a HUG AND THEN MORE HUGS, and help parking.  NOT A EASY DAY.

I AM however  how hard, grateful for friends new and old that I met and shared space with on this new journey of ours.

With a little help, kayack secured for travel

Dear sweet Gracie Lances pup

Mike Who supported and cheered me on with school exams

So many stories as old friends new celebrations

Mastin Kipps new book Claim your Power

The mountains are calling

Turning Amy on to my juice

There are dog attacking Moose here?

THE best grass fed burgers and conversations

I need a big hug or a million! We made it!

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