OUCH! My adventure bit me!😣🌈🦄

Good morning! Frost on the pumpkins fall is here! 

I felt GREAT this am after all garlic last night trying to get my strength back from travels, high altitude sickness and exhaustion. After feeding the pups,  off we went for a walk. ITS  Always a ADVENTURE with us!

We started walking, Gracie, super excited ran and slipped on the cattle guard we were crossing.  SHE got caught, fell and landed on her side! Poor girl. 


She shook and after getting herself back up and looking a bit dismayed.  She got her spunk back and she was good to continue the walk…until the cows started to moo really loudly.  NOPE! Time to go back, she said!  

GRACIE doesn’t like loud noises, fireworks, gunshots, cars back firing, but cows? REALLY? Maybe a warning? Anyone know cow language?

Back we went…amazing views enjoying our walk

 without a agenda. 💖💖💖



Down I went!!!😣😣😣 My hand going down to stop my fall,  but instead thru the guard and further down below.  My head hitting the guard, my hand down below guard and my legs..God only knows!  OUCH, D**mn!!! That hurt.  AFTER Some coaxing Humphrey and Gracie crossed , I got my feet untangled AND out of the guard and I got myself up. 

  Eye swollen…hopefully no black and blue, but it wouldn’t be my first time…but I was ok!😣😥😉🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️
Off we went back home.  Bummer but always a ADVENTURE.

I am GREATFUL for not really hurting myself.  I am GREATFUL for all the times, I stumble and fall, and I always get myself back up.  I am  GREATFUL for not letting these falls scare me and preventing me from living life as I dream, enjoying adventures.!🎉😎 I AM GREATFUL for the amazing scenery and the opportunities to enjoy nature here.  💖💖💖 I am GREATFUL for my health that I work hard to maintain. 

 IF life was super easy I would miss so many amazing lessons🤗🤔😁🦄🎉🎠🌈🌈🌈


Next I want to do the 6 mile parameter trail around Ouray. So much to see and do💖🗝

I AM still trying to catch up on my blog and all the adventures in the past, but this one was well “feeling” right to post.

Nature inspires me  and always teaches me lessons, if I listen.  I am starting my business Katrina Anne Toucke LLC, as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach after graduating from Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Following my devestating relapse of Multiple Sclerosis in 2011,  I have learned so much and hope to inspire and support others on all of our journeys together.  Sometimes things dont go the way you want, sometimes it hurts, but what I see, it can all be amazing in its time💖🦄🌈🤗 if you let it♡

Thank you😚for reading.

Peace and love to you all this very fine Sunday!


Katrina and my tribe🐶🐶

PS☆please feel free to share, like and follow.  I cant tell you what the future post hold but they are always authentic real and I hope full of adventures to inspire others to never give up♡







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  1. So sorry for your fall and dogs! Hope you feel better soon

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  2. I hope you are feeling ok and take it slow my friend, baby steps! You are there and all will be perfect, please take care! Xoxo

    • Anne thank you I am better! Between the altitude sickness (changing from 9200 feet to 6000, to 7500 up and over miountain passes) I had to get re accumulated. The changes like barometric pressure with MS can play with your body.

      Just some more lessons for me 😉

    • Anne, thank you so much. A month later I still have a nice bruise but black eye is gone. Sorry for the delay in responding. There are so many ways to see the comments but HOW DO I RESPOND? LOL I am learning. I just stumbled on this this am. SO thank you and please forgive the delay. Hopefully no more black eyes here but always adventures!

      Enjoy your SUNDAY FUN DAY! Make it Amazing!
      Katrina and our tribe

  3. I love getting your posts in my inbox its the best 🙂 I love your positive attitude and I am glad you’re okay! I always feel like I have accomplished something when I come back from an adventure with some cuts and bruises 😛

    • Lizzy thank you so much! I love that you are following me (As I learn to be a blogger).

      I know right? on the cuts and bruises. My prizes. They are just the signs of my adventures. I did wake up with a black eye but hey it could have been worse hehe!

      More adventures to come.
      Make it a amazing day for yourself!

    • Awe LIZZY thank you. I love hearing that you are enjoying the post. I am learning and have a lot to juggle and learn launching our new business health coaching and inspiring others while learning and inspiring living tiny. Its a amazing life for sure!
      YES on accomplishing on adventures. Its just a tattoo to show how fun it was….well that day NOT. I would rather be sliding down a hillside or a snow bank!

      Thank you so much for your follow and support AND sending me a message. I love hearing from people!
      Make your day amazing. We are getting ready to head out for another adventure on this fine SUNDAY FUNDAY.
      Katrina and our tribe

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