Change your diet change your life♡

IN MY PREVIOUS LIFE 😉 as I like to refer to it as, I moved from New Jersey and all the amazing great Italian food, cheeses and bread and STOP!🍅🌶🥐🥖 WOW just the visual  gets me going!!!

When it became apparent that a diet of pasta, cheeses, processed foods was making me sick (physically which caused emotional sickness too), I switched my diet.  That does mean I had to suffer and hate food, it just meant like everything, else I used strategies.

Tonight in our tiny at 9400 feet, it’s pouring, cold and damp.  My body wants warmth and fat comfort food.

In the old days, it would be garlic and oil over pasta with a mound of strong Italian cheese.  Did I say garlic??? Then dip the bread in juices and omg what a dinner♡♡♡🥖
Today I am much healthier happier and not bloated + other side effects, this is amazing.  I love garlic!
Zucchini pasta made with spiralizer, lightly sauteed with olive oil and a touch of sea salt, add fresh joisey tomatoes…(oh wait not in joisey) the best you can find, add  home made basil pesto from the local farmers market, heat till warm, serve over a bed of wilted kale and dollop of the pesto.

In my previous life I would be full, constipated, sluggish, exhausted, stuffy and satisfied but lack of digestion can causes 🏥 dis-ease!

That food causes disease, sensitivities, leaky gut AND is not promoting health for the future.
This new redesigned way of eating makes me feel satisfied, healthy, thin, and joyful full of  #selflove.  Olive oil is a good fat, and the bowl is filled with fresh vegis and GARLIC AND  is good for your gut.
Which do you pick…for your future?
Contact me⬆️ for more info and a free 50 minute consultation on how you can turn your life into vitality, health and wellness.  I walk the talk.😚 I am real and have been there!

Contact me…the future is tomarrow♡you choose⤵️

This🏥 or this…🌻🥒🍋🍈🏊‍♂️🏌️‍♀️🏂🤹‍♂️🤸‍♀️🚵‍♀️

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