Its been a AMAZING and Transcending year at Institute of Integrated Nutrition

Last year after getting divorced in May, selling my house in June and moving into a apartment with my pups, I was not sure where my future was going to bring me.  I started the design on Tootling Tranquility Tiny House and so my apartment was my stepping stone #1 (see previous blogs from Feb 2017)

I have been a Juicier for almost 20 years.  I had suspected the power of nutrition for about that same amount of time.  I remember I had a turning and a AH HA moment when my dogs (my family who I dearly loved) were passing from CANCER>  WTF…..I take the best possible care of them!  I knew in my gut there was something really wrong with our diets and our animals diets.  My husband at the time said “you have to die from something”.  THIS DID NOT FEEL RIGHT TO ME!   Fast forward a couple more years and I now had a brand new Puppy “Thunder” . After losing my crew to cancer I was going to train and feed Thunder the very best possible diet that I could. I researched and decided BARF was the best.  I made his food and trained him.  7 years later he died of Lymphoma.  I WAS DEVASTATED!

A couple years after that, I was having health issues.  People thought I was crazy and it was all in my head!  I went to Dr’s complaining of my ailments that didn’t seem right.  They told me again that they didn’t find anything and I must be hiking to much.

CRAZY!!!   Fast forward….I was DX and had a devastating relapse of Relapsing and Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  Each relapse gets worse.  I have been having them for years.  Then the disease went silent for awhile and then it would relapse again and worse.  By the time 2011 happened I got the BIG ONE!  I then got diagnosed.

This is what started my FOREVER DEDICATION to finding out what is wrong with what we put in our mouths.  I turned RAW and relied on Juicing for nutrients.  Fast forward some more…to September of 2016 when I was walking with a friend and mentioned about IIN.  I had been interested in them for years since starting on my “SERIOUS” journey in 2011.

I enrolled an this school has changed my life!!!  I am now doing physically better then I have in 6 years!  My blood work is amazing, and emotionally I have transformed into the person I always wanted to be.  I am not perfect and really don’t think that is the way you should be, but I am so happy and grateful for this school.

I just found out tonight that this weekend for 2 days only they are running a amazing special for new enrollments.  If you have EVER thought about nutrition and wanted to learn more, please email me, text or call me and I can tell you more.  I am authentically saying, this and going tiny has been the best decision for us.

Forever grateful….


Institute of Integrated Nutrion

Want to help others, or yourself and family

This school is amazing!


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