Meditation? Why do?Do you try to reduce inflamation? How?

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So meditations can be a simple quiet walk in the woods, it can be making amazing juice that will give you energy for the day, it can be find a spot in the woods (or a peaceful quiet corner in your home) being still and really noticing the chipmunks, really enjoying the taste and the sounds of a beautifully nourishing meal you made for your self, or practicing the traditional meditation.

After learning various practices, for me, its first thing in the morning, to quiet my mind.  Open eyes, go to bathroom, splash face with cold water and then find the place for 15 minutes.  My mind wanders all over the place, but it ok.  I simply pull it back.  I focus on a deep breath in…feeling my belly rise, for the count of  6 hold …. squeezing any tension in body..hold for 7 .tight…squeeze…..aweeee release for 8 count.


This is how I meditate.

I set a peaceful sounding alarm for 15 min.  This is my time.  First thing before even the pups.  Then I spend 15 minutes saying gratitudes.  This In my past, I could not do! One gratitude now is always that I can have Gratitude♡

BY DOING THIS EVERY morning I am allowing my self time to wake up, and focus on me and what is really important.  NOT facebook, not emails etc…this can be done in bed 15 minutes.

I have been really trying to work on me and this with consistantcy.  Every day.  I post pictures on facebook to be held accountable.  I AM going to do this for myself. #selfcare #selflove.

I am amazed, really, at the outcome.  My body is less tense, my mind is less tense, i have more patience to be and not push, my focus (with ms thats a huge plus) is better, and my day just goes better. I also notice how quickly my day goes to crap when I dont do. I lose things more, my keys, my phone, my glasses.  Crap!!! I am just not in the moment!!!

When uour in crap, think about how your body and inflamation are reacting??? Not good.

My goal is to reduce inflamation and heal thru nutrition and exercise.  Mind body and soul.❤❤❤🍉🍉🍉🍄🍄🍄🎆🎆🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️

Wanna try for 30 daya???
Let me know.  I would love to hear how this works for you and your life.

Please leave a comment…🎉👇

I am in!!! ❤❤❤

Need more help? This morning i thought, i should start a live meditation on facebook. Its yhe opportunity to be held accountable….

Have a amazing day all.  Someone is ready for breakfast🙄🥕🥒🍎🍈

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