Hiking Sunday high on the mountain in Colorado @9400 feet♡

We set out this am like we do quite often for a little walk, and a couple hours later, high on nature or the heat (due to uhthoff syndrome and ms) we are LOVING LIFE♡ I have not been blogging and sharing as I dreamed of due to lack of internet on this latest stepping stone.   This journey has been amazing and I will try to catch up some day when I  do have internet, but mean while…..

We just sat down to rest on a perfect forested peak, Gracie doing all the hard work of carrying for Humphrey and I, water, air horn (we are in Moose country) bug spray and darn it! Did I forget my apple??? As we sit here, we are hearing something large, crunching and breaking branches down below us.. A deer perhaps? OR A MOOSE!!! JUST LIKE BO WINKLE!  Not a chipmunk for sure! We never did see anything breathing, but we did find skatt as we bush wack down, after losing the trail…which is our usual on the way home.

THIS IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO BLOG…IN NATURE! I WILL SEE IF THIS SENDS….TESTING? (Later it failed to send ;-( darn! I thought I had a perfect office.

IN A TINY WE definately get out more! With MS, exercise is priority! Even without MS, IT SHOULD BE a priority for everyone!This new journey called MS  really made that lesson stand out!  I get a ton of exercise,  just by living tiny and traveling, its part of my tiny life style. Most people think of this life style as a vacation busy hanging from a hammock and reading.  I might be doing some thing wrong if that is true. So with each bit of tiny exercise I am doing better health wise with all the  exercise and my diet of mostly vegetables and whole unprocessed foods. HIKING AND CARDIO  are so important for me, as I have noticed a huge difference when I do hit cardio consistently and hard,  how it effects my cognitive. Cog is something.  I always took for granted prior to last relapse. Old people have that issue. NOT ME!  Not true and I never want that as I age.  Respect the brain is my motto! After 2011 relapse and I remember feeling completely horrified!!! I didn’t know how to open a door that was a push threw without a handle.  It confused me.  I stood there frozen and freaked.  So now I respect the brain and work on developing and regaining brain power.  Its just like going to the gym. JUST BECAUSE you cant see brain or its shrinking aging effects, it is happening if you are not taking care of it.  YES respect the brain….new motto….

FRIDAY I get my 2nd dose of my new drug Ocrevus. The 1st dose went well , but I hate steroids and how they make me very psycho!!! Perhaps Valerian so I can sleep thru it…. I hate any drugs actually, but with Ocrevus I will have more freedom.  Complementary therapy to diet, exercise, self care and all that makes my soul sing♡
Well more later…..I am  going to see what is walking our perimeter…. Sasquatch maybe????

What was that cracking all the branches??

Animal skat, cokorado, hiking, moose

RUT ROO…Notta deer 😉 Moose stalking us

If I never got lost, i would miss the Amazing!

Curious for life lifes challenges

I am always curious. Always excited to see what is around the next bend or on top of each mountain♡

Cognitive exercise ms

I AM Always gaining a new prospective on life♡

Cheers all and always seek out your amazing self♡♡♡

Katrina and her tribe

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