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I picked up Tootling Tranquility in March.  A new life, unknown journeys, just a big unknown. Life will change as I have known for 53 years.  I have gone through so much but what will this bring? I wanted something different similar to when I moved to Colorado in 1993 from working in  NYC in sales.  That was very different!  Change is good and empowering.  Tiny is exciting!

THERE I WENT INTO THE UNKNOWN. I AM SO AMAZED AND GRATEFUL, for all the experiences and people I have met.  I have to say this recent experience is the most amazing, and empowering!
SINCE March I have met so many people with so many stories of their life journies. Some easy, some fun, so devestating, but the common thread with all are, the willingness to live life and push boundaries.

Acceptance is easier,  but is it what is meant to be? I ALWAYS WONDER? I have never accepted for long.  It could be why my past has shaped the way that it did.
I am so grateful for all the new people I have met since going Tiny. With this journey I am seeing so much more then I ever have seen.  Not just people or scenery but learning more about myself.  Some is very sad and upsetting, but I believe there is so much I don’t  need.  I NO LONGER WANT limiting beliefs that I have had my whole life. So reinventing and moving into a tiny, purging is necessary and empowering however still hard.   With all the purging, I believe new people and experiences now have room to come into my life. I will also have more room to help others with out misc. emotional and physical clutter. I ALSO BELIEVE without the clutter my health continues to improve and I am blessed more and more with the angels helping me.

Sometimes you have to go down hill to get to the Summit! Have you ever purged and been amazed at the outcome? What happened? Did you stop or continue? I  WOULD LOVE TO HEAR? PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW.

THANKS♡ this purging and  clearing process is not easy, but what comes out on the other side is amazing!  What about you? What experience have you had?

And hey, I finally found a spot that I am getting 4g in  mountains of Colorado,  in my truck! Lack of internet has been a lesson as well…

Good night all♡♡


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