I hate that I have to look at meds and their side effect plus cost….

Ocrevus  was approved by FDA for the treatment of relapsing and remitting ms and progressive ms in march of 2017. This med has shown great results in the trials.  It is now, June 2017 with many liking the new drug, dispite the side effects with first infusions.  I HATE that I follow this. I would rather spend my time in the forest hiking with my pups.

 I am, however grateful for the options. I personally believe in nutrition and the right diet to keep my immune system strong, exercise to keep my body strong and my mind clear so I can live tiny and inspire others♡ to be the best they can be as a Integrative Holistic (whole body) Health Coach.

I am currently on tysabri which

has been a huge help since 2012 and $16 k each infusion, Infusions are every 28 days.  This schedule does not leave much freedom to travel in Tootling Tranquility with my tribe. I have been stable.  No new lesions, the same symptoms still but they have become less visable until brought out to “play” by heat, stress and over stimulation.   FOR ME, heat IS above 60 degrees. WHEN I have a melt down, it is a  humbling experience that serves as a reminder of what life is, the good, the bad and how grateful I am for the AMAZING! I am reminded to be Grateful for Everything.


But I have to believe this new drug will help me further, and allow me the freedom to travel and continue to meet inspiring people♡

I AM BLOWN AWAY by the people I meet, with the stories we share and the common strengths that join us even if just for moments.  These are the people that provide the best memories and reflection for me, on this journey with my tribe and Tootling Tranquility Tiny House .

I am forever grateful I have angels that surround me, and the ability to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways!!!

This is tashia who shared her story with me.  WOW!  She loved Gracie and came out every time we passed her RV to say hi.  I loved the space we shared and the memories.  We are still in contact.

My next (new drug infusion) scheduled for July 10 to the 14th.  Its a 6 hour infusion start to finish, then 10 days later another infusion.  After this, freedom to travel, support others, hike and Tootle with my pups until next infusion in 6 months (Feb)  WAHOO!



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