Its June and even ay 9200 feet, today was a challenge.  

Below is a link to a great article that I am sharing as I don’t have the energy to do much else.  Summer even at high elevation is tough with MS.   I very thankful after reinventing my life (wip).  It will get easier.

Stay cool all….8 pm bed time for 60 degree 5 am wake up call.  Maybe a trail run if I can swing with cooler morning tempertures.  Need cardio♡

Venturing out looking for wifi signal and decent ac to do my big test for school.  Back early tomarrow for studies and emails. Quick wild caught salmon dinner with raw sunflower dressing and vegis.

  Hopefully blog will post. Night all!
Not my ideal place to study but the casino and hotel lobbies do have great AC

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  1. Hey Im roght down the road from you…any chance i can check out your tiny house……

    • Hi Janet I am working on doing a open house. I WILL be here until the end if the summer. So many people have been asking. I am going to try to create a open house schedule page here so be sure to follow my website for updates.

      Thanks for your interest in our Tumbleweed Tiny House, Tootling Tranquility♡

    • Hey Janet, how are you and your tiny house future going? I hope all is amazing! We are wintering down in Ouray Co and the scenery and people are amazing for launching my business on line after graduating. Life is not simpler but it truly is amazing!

      I hope you are following so you can see all the beautiful pictures from here. Heaven on earth.
      Off for a hike now with the pups. Just wanted to check in and say hi!

      Katrina and my tribe

  2. I like how you’re contemplating doing your test at the casino for the AC 🙂

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