Time to leap off of stepping stone #2 River view…

This morning I received my infusion of Tysabri ($16000 every 28 days) for relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis.  It’s always amazing  to me how awful I feel the last day but looking back, I continued to fight to feel normal for the last week before.  Add heat, and then total weirdness is my normal.  Something like tightening  a screw can be a challenge.  Cognitive and making correct decisions is not always the outcome when this happens.  I tend to not take care of myself as well, which makes all worse. I am thankful as, its almost 6 years ago this was full time and way worse…. This last week has been a challenge with the Memorial  Day holiday, pending leap to next stone, a bit of sadness of leaving a great community.  With this morning getting my infusion, I Now  feel strong, confident and void of the awful anxiety again. Phew!  I got this! Yup! I do love when I have my infusion (not 3 pokes  though  and tears after 2nd….ouch!)
Feeling like a rock star again, and even in 80 degrees, I slipped into cooler clothes, time to pack up Mazie.  Wow, did I have a lot of yard art in my little “Katrina’s corner” ? I am doing this leaping process slowly and really thinking about organizing as I go, and yup! You guessed it….more purging. 80 degrees and I am really over heated but I did it.  I am now ready to breakdown inside
 Tomorrow will be finish inside, buckle up outside (hoses, electric, utilities etc) a nice walk with the  pups and then LEAP to next stepping stone at 7500 feet in the mountains of Colorado.  I am really looking forward to seeing snow again and cooler temps.
I have enjoyed my time here and have met so many amazing people all with their own stories.  We are all going thru life on different paths but it’s nice when they meet for moments in our life time. I always seem to be open to all the lessons of each meeting.  I am so grateful for all the help and friendships I have received here at River view RV park in Loveland.  Not only have I learned a lot about tiny life , I have loved feeling like I was living on a farm with a organic garden, chickens, cows, a river and of course them being  dog friendly.

Feeling very grateful…and ready to leap to new journeys ♡♡♡ More traveling friends.  May we meet again…

Fellow Tiny house peeps that came thru quickly. It was great hanging with you guys Emily!

Music, bbq’s fun nights and great healthy juices!
Happy pups with dog parks and adventures!

 Baby horses and the miracle of seeing this only hours old!

Friends visits with fun times, Sunday FUN TIMES
 the new art of Solar cooking

Sprouting in the tiny!

Humphreys first time going down the stairs.   Tears of joy…this will work!  We are a tribe of 10 paws…walking and kayaking
on to amazing journeys.

This is just a reflection of our mini pebble and the final sunset before our first real move♡♡♡


I am looking forward to less tiny life learning lessons and the start of helping others as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


Katrina Humphrey and Gracie

We are honored to have shared space with all the lovely people here!





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  1. Katrina
    Penny and I enjoyed reading your blog , Your life’s challenges will surely be useful to others going through difficult and trying times.
    Being neighbors here at Manor RV Park for a short time has allowed us to appreciate our health and to get a chance to see a cute Tiny House up close is a plus!!
    Praying your health continues to improve with each passing day

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