My poop don’t stink. Victories♡ My Natures Head composting toilet

Thank You Emily,  for the lesson on emptying my nature’s head compost toilet.  I have been constantly using since March 12th. To be honest, I am bit nervous about solids. It was easy and no mess.  I am so grateful for my vision of a outside water faucet! As suggested, I purchased extra large composting bags at ace hardware.  Emptied fluids, unlatched the main toilet.  Took off the hose placing a bad into the open hose (to keep bugs out) and unscrewed bolts that keep my nature’s head to floor.  Slide to left and lifted all up and out over the kitchen area to outside. I placed the  bag on top of the square solid area and dumped.  Super easy.  You don’t want to clean with a detergent as that will reduce the natural enzyme  that break waste down in the peat moss…it worked. No stink! My poop don’t smell….haha.  little victories ♡

I got this!!!

I love the nature’s head composting toilet.  You can use on flowers and trees but since I am in a park, composting bags.

I am amazed the things I find exciting now♡

PS I also have short legs, so a squatty potty stool helps 🙂 for clean easy removal of poop.  Its the way we are meant to go ……

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