In the reservoir kayaking without a Paddle!!! I got this!

1 year ago I knew that it was inevitable that my treadmill would be going away in my tiny, Tootling tranquility, so I needed a backup plan for cardio.  Cardio, I have found is huge for reworking the neurons in my brain, for cognitive issues due to multiple sclerosis.  If you don’t use it you lose it!   This saying is huge for physical and mental challenges due to MS or anything! So back up plan.  Living by a huge lake while in my apartment (stepping stone #1) , I  have always  loved the water, so a kayak seemed perfect.  I had memories of my past being in a sea kayak in Belize and having strong winds making it difficult to Paddle back to the dock.  So whatever I got for my new life,  had to give me cardio, but not be so difficult to do, that I would get myself in trouble. I stopped at the Hobie kayak dealer in Lyons Colorado  and found out about Hobie Sport with fins that you pedal and you have the kayak oar for working out your arms and legs! The dealer was doing a demo day to try before buying. PERFECT! This store was amazing! So kind and helpful after I explained about my heat sensitivities, it was a shame they are no longer in business.  The demo day was so fun with a friend from Leadville, Colorado who came to join us and another joining from Greeley my friend Michelle who I met through My friends laughed as I was motoring all over with both arms and legs.  I was in!!! I loved it!

I spoke with Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and with checking, they confirmed I would be able to hang 70 lbs in my great room by a pulley system that I  could do myself.  Perfect!

I love the Hobie Sport! In addition to all the other features it has a cart for wheeling or pulling my kayak to the water all 70 lbs 1 mile to the lake.  I figured  it’s all in the name of exercise!

  • 1 year later I was able to lower my kayak down with the help of a friend, and it was time for a nice day, free of stress, to one if the various reservoirs.  I chose Pinewood  as it was higher in elevation. It was already bright sun, clear skies and 63 degrees, but I was determined to go kayaking.  Multiple Sclerosis  has a way of derailing the best plans.  Due to the changing of symptoms,  that could be showing at any particular day, time, or minute, its always unknown will work.  So fums….I am going!  I managed to lift my kayak onto the picnic table then in the back of Mazie, my truck.  That was done!  Then I slid my kayak into the bed of the truck.  It didn’t dawn  on me that I didn’t have to tie her down so I working on how to tie her down and safely inside the bed of the truck.  It’s now getting hot enough that my reasoning skills were going down hill.  Tied her down…a bit exhausted but determined.  I wasn’t going to get retailed.  I really needed a fun day!!! Moving and this huge tiny transition has been very stressful.  Off I went!!! As I was going thru our RV park, I asked one of the super nice guys here if he would check my tie downs.  He looked, picked up kayak and closed the gate.  OMG!!! WHY DO I OVER COMPLICATE  ALL???

I arrived! Super windy and choppy but I made it this far, I wasn’t going to not get my kayak wet!!! Oh crap!!! I forgot my oar! Good thing for  turbo fins!

What a amazing day on the water!!! I am so glad that I kept pushing! It was 83 degrees but with the wind it was cool enough for me.  It was empowering  and so good for my soul!  FUMS you didn’t get to derail my plans this time!  There are times I have to give in, but not this time.
Next challenge, how to get kayak  in truck.  No picnic table! I had made my  Popeye green  juice (link to recipes) that morning.  Good thing! I needed strength to lift 70 lbs into my truck.  I did it!!! FUMS.  WAHOO!!

SEE THE BLOG OF TAKE ME HIGHER…Which was the ride back home  to Tootling Tranquility and my faithful  sidekicks #8pawsandatiny.

Feel the fear and do it anyways is my motto.  The fear this day, was Can I? Should I? Am I putting myself in scary situation by myself in a freezing cold reservoir….

Lesson:  take precautions to be safe,  but Do  it!!! Keep the faith.

Life is to long not to be happy healthy and active!

I know for many, this doesn’t seem to be so huge, but the memory of 5 years earlier is still very clear in my mind when there is no way I could have done this.  I have gained so much progress in recovering from the horrible relapse I had in 2011!

I am forever grateful for these moments♡

Never give up!


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