Reflections of my time spent on Stepping Stone 2 @ River View

Life goes by so fast.  I met the most incredible rv neighbor a week after I arrived on this stepping stone.  We laughed  and cried about this journey.  Changing life is not always easy but AMAZING moments make it worth it.  Good friends for life.  She left today for more of her journeys. A sad time with the parting, but I am filled with gratitude  for our meeting and the space we shared.  Each person brings lessons and stories.  I love it all♡♡♡ namasté Carrie and her pup Jester! Until we meet again, be safe my friend and happy journey’s
Where will your journeys  bring you? What people will you meet?

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Katrina and 8 paws in a tiny

Melissa who is a great artist!  You will find her in Loveland or on Facebook @livebreathecreateart or instagram live_breathe_create_art.  

Melissa always had a smile on her face and warmth for people.  Miss you Melissa!

Our new friend Jester!  I use to watch Jester keeping a eye out on the park when Carrie was gone.  He was my amusement while I did dishes.  My view from the kitchen window!  What a sweetie!


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