Ready to get higher? Join me for a amazing ride….turn your volume UP!!!]

High yet?

How ’bout now? Wanna dance….
Unbelievable day today out on the water.  Many first for this journey so far, many amazing people, but I have to say this has been the best day in my life!!!

I am going to spend some time with my awesome rv neighbor.  Tonight we are inspiring each other as we share dinner over a fire,  PUDGIEPIES AND possible make Smores for her.  It’s the journey, the processes good and bad, and the moments that are all sacred and make us the person we are today.

I will  write back soon with more pictures of the amazing kayaking  trip today and what happened while doing…pretty amazing! A gift…but meanwhile I hope you are grinning eat to ear as I am♡


Katrina and 8 paws in a tiny♡♡♡
Ps…look what arrived today♡ will be taking on clients soon!!!


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