Nobody tells you these things about living tiny! The things I am learning…..

There are so many RV Parks and campgrounds its amazing to me that it would be hard to find availability.  Really? So many people have RV’s?  I grew up camping in a tent, and so this is all a foreign world to me.  I have met the nicest people with the most amazing stories, but now comes the time that I find my next place to JUMP and LAND.

This weekend, I am so happy after spending most of the day trying to secure a place to land, June 1, 2017.  I had a finally had a reservation @ the elevation of 7500 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado!  I got it!! We have a place to land and it will be cooler! We are good until June 16th…PHEW! With the weather getting warm and running my Mitsubishi Split AC unit in March, it was needed to find higher and cooler ground for me to keep my MS symptoms from having a party and making life very challenging for me.  I prefer to keep the MS monsters  chilled out 😉 so I can function better.  My reservation is in the mountains and I couldn’t be happier to get back to the Rockies! With all my calling, of all the parks, I left messages and kept going, until I got this reservation for our 26 foot  Tumbleweed, Tootling Tranquility.  A full day of phone calls !

The next morning with the people calling me back (No availability sorry….) I got a call back , the women was super helpful and sweet.  Explaining my situation she mentioned that the measurement of my tiny should be from the hitch to the bumper, I should probably measure.  To my PANIC, I was at 31 feet!  NOT 26!!!!  26 feet didn’t include the hitch, compressor or the porch to the bumper.  OMG!  Now I am Freaking again and almost in tears.  So much time wasted. So much frustration.  We have our house but where are we going to stay cold for the summer, where???? With MS its not just getting hot, its a scary situation with cognitive, vision, balance, speech, fatigue and other issues.  STOP! Back to the phones.  The sweet angel of the women I spoke with, was  checking her park for me for availability. She will continue to check and call me back.  Meanwhile I called the place I had a reservation and they were kind enough to refund my full amount (No cancellation fee). They confirmed, NO 26 feet is the maximum no longer.  Thinking about this 5 feet, hmmm, that is what I am!  Not much, but I guess 5 feet could be too much.  Sadly I cancelled my plans for the day and went back to the endless phone calls.  After 2 hours of non stop calling, (keeping my mean girl in my head at bay) my angel from The Manor called me back.  They had one place and then another until the 15th.  I would have to move.  I CAN DO THAT!!! YES! YES! YES I CAN….!As I thought in my head for the “Mean girl” C YA WOULD’T WANNA BE YA ! TAKE A HIKE MEAN GIRL!!!

I composed myself, thanking my Angel at the Manor over and over.  I was again so relieved and grateful but then asking is it OK for my 2 pups?  I just wanted to make sure again I was GOOD. IT WAS ALL GOOD.  After finishing this weeks studies off to take care of another issue from the past. This once again reminded me, to keep my faith.  I do have angels with me on this journey.

This journey we are on, I know deep down I am meant to be on. I haven’t ever felt that my entire life but I know this is right. Faith is what we have to hold on to.  Miracles have and continue to happen to support our journey.  Faith, that is it.

Meanwhile back to the other past life tie that I am trying so hard to extinguish from this AMAZING life!  I had been waiting to purge my phone and upgrade and get better service with Verizon and a JET PACK for secured internet wherever I have my Jet Pack just for me.  Shawn the sales person at Verizon was so nice, patient and helpful! It was a pleasure to go thru this upgrade and backup my old phone process to my new phone.  As you probably know, more hours spent in the midst of a hail storm.  ON NO NOT MAZIE, being so exposed in the hail.  No damage thankfully. When we were done (inside heat again challenging) I said my goodbyes and a TON of thank you’s to all the help.  Back to Tootling Tranquility I went. The cold air outside felt so refreshing to my now 1/2 of my on fire body due to MS Nerves in store heat.  I can’t wait to get home.

It is such a comforting feeling, driving up and seeing, Our house , is a very fine house with 2 pups on the porch….(well right now they were inside) but you know the song….. but a deep breath out.  Another piece of my past gone with the phone.

With the rain not letting up, off we went for a short walk.  My girl doesn’t like getting her fur wet, we got POO and then she’s back in.  My blue eyed wonder, loves the adventure, the cold,  and the rain like his mama, so we set out to try out our new phone that is also water resistant the  Galaxy 8.

Its been a long day with UPS and DOWNS (panics) but I feel so grateful for all the angels that are helping me.  I tucked the pups in for bed, all dried off, and poured a glass of wine for myself.  Out to the my beloved deck. I love having my outside space to clear my head and wind down that the end of the day.  Standing on my porch with only the lights of my solar hanging lights, and the sound of the rain, pitter patter on my metal roof, I was so inspired and unbelievably happy!  I had always dreamed of having a covered porch.  THE HUGE AH HA moment I had right then, I HAVE ONE NOW!!!!  My Tumbleweed Elm, Tootling Tranquility was just perfect tonight. With skylight that opened over my head, we were all going to sleep well in our pile of me and fur, nothing could be better!




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  1. If you love cool and rain, you should visit Ireland! 75 degrees is a HOT day! You wouldn’t be able to take the tootle with you but you should visit…I love that place!

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