May 5th and 6th chillen in Tootling Tranquility Tiny House 

On our to do list after a nap.  Find a place to go June 1st,  with higher elevation.  Yesterday studying, today studying and phone calls to find availability for next stepping stone and a  cooler one for sure!

After a fun morning (road trip,  vets, errands, and finished with lunch with friends) we are toast and need that nap, with it being 82 degrees outside but loving inside temperature at 61 degrees♡ cozy with windows covered.

BEST TRAVELERS EVER! #2bigpupsandatiny

Lyons, Colorado Longs and Meeker peaks

Love seeing the cows grazing

we are so excited to be at Lyons Vet, they have yummy cookies♡♡

Killing the cute look for pizza bones when everyone is done eating.

I am not looking at food so i wont beg…mama doesnt like begging

And they totally  earned the pizza bones.  I love #modmarket who allow pups on their outside patio ♡♡♡

Off to climb back in  Mazy (1 ton dodge ram) with great ac to bring us home to #tootsyinyhouse

Just so beautiful♡♡♡

Nap and back to studying

A great Saturday morning.  Paws crossed we find a great next stepping stone…that is cooler.




ENJOY  ALL♡♡♡ what amazing beautiful morning.

Sleepy but greatful!

Humphrey Gracie and Katrina

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