THANK YOU ALL FOR THE follows♡ craziness slowing down…? Daily tiny growth leaps and bounds

Thank you all for the follows.  Please feel free (please?) to share this website.

I am so  appreciative and grateful for all the people that have helped me thru this journey over the last couple years.  Yup!!! A couple years!!! I really feel like I Was put in a blender and processed to see what would come out.  WOW!!!

LETS SEE, ….never mind, I am not doing a time line of those events.  They are all in the past, but please know how much I love and appreciate all my peeps that have given me love and support.  What has brought this on? This week I finally got plates and registration for Tootling Tranquility Tiny House and  Mazie our Dodge Ram  Last week, 2016 taxes done, Humphrey healing from his Du claw and walking into a bloody scene in our tiny, me being sick and Gracie having kennel cough , my water freezing…this was just since my last infusion (which happens every 28 days, and next one Wend)!

I am super excited to be able to sit down, figure out expenses and a budget.  Yes!! Super excited.  I really feel like everything has been amazing and great and going exactly how it was planned.  A Huge step as I look back. I couldn’t look at it all while it was happening without freaking.  Nice to be done….

Now once I get the budget done, I can really focus on my next and current passion, my health and keeping in balance while helping others with theirs.  Katrina Anne Toucké LLC , holistic health coaching, will then be able to support and take on clients! COMING SOON…INTEGRATING this website with that along with Tiny stuff:-)

So once again Thank you and I cant wait to keep sharing the really cool stuff and places visited and adventures had that is coming.

I have thought …when will this part be over and the journey to begin? Guess what? This is all the journey of reinventing myself!!! Its not the destination! Stay strong and never stop trying for the best life has to offer…determination

Video is me laying out #tootstinyhouse in the parking lot to get the feel of spaces (with Charley the pup helping).  Did this really  happen??? WOW! ITS REALITY NOW!


Katrina, Humphrey and Gracie♡

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  1. This looks just the adventure j am planning! Just getting ready to sell my house and figure out my Tiny house plans! I have animal companions too and almost through with divorce proceedings. Same goals for healthier lifestyle and I am very excited to have found your Web site! Good luck and hope to meet up with you in your travels some day!!😎

    • Oh Julie wow!!! You will get thru and amazing is on the other side! Feel free to friend me on Facebook or messenger me if you would like a ear. Been there done that. I will be starting to offer complimentary health consults here coming soon if your interested. Today is amazing bit I wouldn’t lie having a mentor thru this would have been easier. It’s a process but thru the process does come amazing. You got this girl☆☆☆

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