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I am so grateful, but also blown away by each and every day living tiny in Tootling Tranquility.  Looking back at pictures (I know, I do take a lot) the pictures remind me of every days adventures.  It is so easy to forget just how many amazing moments we have!  Since moving and embracing tiny life,  just 1 month ago, March 12th, daily, I have met the most inspiring people.  Everyone has a story,  and they are all so cool! So many lessons learned.

Last week, I took some time off (stopping to smell the poop) to check out kayaking places close by.  I met Judy who shared with me her story of having rheumatoid arthritis and was told by her specialist, she would be in a chair in a year. She made some major life changes, got out of a difficult relationship and now is volunteering for the park service. She travels, fishes and gets inspired by others also    Her doctor was so excited to see the difference in her health! He even commented, “you got rid of the pain in your life, and now your pain free from the RA!” JUST IMAGINE!   I myself have had that experience too,  with MS. With life changes, self love,  and prioritizing  myself, huge changes in our health and bodies.  Life is too  long not to be truly happy and enjoying miracles every day.

I had to get a picture of Judy and I! She was so inspiring to me.  As I start my travels, I just am so thankful and excited for  all the cool stories, inspiring tales and sights to see.  Judy and I both share the same love of Mountain Lions.  This guy unfortunately  was attacked and found shortly afterward.  Now watching over Judy and all the travelers that come in to get information on the area♡

Since then more sunsets, more amazing stories, watching the river bed filling up daily, new journeys and lessons.
Stay healthy all.  Life is to long not to have amazing journeys and stories to tell and inspire.

Whats your story? Please share below in comments.  Lets inspire♡♡♡

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  1. Go Katrina!!! Best wishes for an amazing journey!!! Stay safe and healthy.
    Marie and Denny Jannetta
    Tiny House neighbors at Riverview .

    • Awe thanks guys! I loved hanging out with you guys and I hope to get to rt 23 in your territory sometime soon! Give Huck a hug from me. He was my fav but Bentley is so cute too!I had to do 4 miles this am to wear off the wine from last night 😉 Inserting healthy things and today is a new day! Have a safe trip!

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