Open house 3 tinys all together 

Come visit and see how life could be going tiny.  Curious? Have you seen the shows but would like to actually know what if feels like?  If you miss this open house please check my open house schedule to see if there is another one you can catch.

I was paying , $1400 a month for 700 sq foot apartment.  No freedom.  Now I Pay $745 including internet, garbage, fun activities and a great a  community full of lots of new friends human and furry ones.
Being on a fixed income it is difficult to live, so I SOLD my house in Boulder county and redesigned my life, step by step.  Steps can take be powerful, frustrating, challenging but always empowering and rewarding to move forward. Not being stuck.  Life is is too long not to be happy and inspired in a amazing life!

I want to travel, see the country (colder environments;-) and not be stuck on many levels.  I thought about whats important to me?  What makes my soul sing? Freedom, exploring, fur babies and helping others, pretty simple.  SO I reinvented with Tootling Tranquility and my 2 big pups!

Having gone through having my life flipped upside down in 2011 with diagnoses and major relapse (as it was never previously caught) with Multiple Sclerosis, I want to help others,supporting them in their  challenges.  Focusing on the good is much more empowering. THIS is what I do as a health coach! Its not just diet, its everything in life!!! How can we work together to achieve goals? With all the pieces fitting together in harmony the product is a happier healthier life. I have been thru a lot and so I get it, and want to help others. I think the saddest is feeling trapped in a life you don’t enjoy.

Come visit us and experience what tiny’s are about.  Visit with Holly and Bruce who also live full time in their tiny and who I refer to as “my angels”. Everyone has their own story on why they chose tiny.   Bruce and Holly have been so helpful, and supportive teaching me RV and Tiny stuff.  Through their friendship,  I know I found the best most comfortable and the safest place to start my tiny journey.  Come visit our open house to experience tiny for yourself.

Cant wait to see you♡

Katrina, Humphrey and Gracie

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  1. I’m also considering a tiny home on wheels, and I also have MS (diagnosed 2009 at age 53 – I’m now 61). I use a rollator/walker with wheels to aid with my balance, and I need the extra support so I’m not a full-time wall-walker. I work as a criminal paralegal, but plan on retiring when I turn 65 (3 1/2 more years), and have considered getting a tiny home to visit my 4 kids and 14 grandkids when I retire (happily divorced with a black lab named Molly and a manx cat named Panda). I’m putting my house on the market in 6 weeks, and when it sells I’ll be staying with my widowed 84-year-old mom, which will be nice for both of us.
    I’m looking forward to following your blog to see how it works for you, especially since you also have MS and pets.
    Happy trails 🙂

    • Hi Jeanne, thank you for the follow. Congrats on taking the steps to reinvent your future. That is a huge step putting your house on the market!
      I love my tiny. I don’t normally have balance issues. Heat and stess causes most of my issues. There are 1 level tiny that I thought about. Feel free to ask any questions as they come up. Hello to your furry ones as well♡♡♡

  2. Very inspired by your outlook!

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