Patience is my lesson and then gratitude

From building a fire with wet wood, to visiting DMV with so many people (not being so cheerful) to bugs in my hair and nose, inside my tiny, I am learning  patience with grace♡ I love this! This is definitely a good practice for me.  With a history of being a east coaster, but living in Colorado for 27?  some years, I am reminded to go gracefully with the flow.  This is not the a strong part of my personality.  Perseverance  I GOT! With  patience, hmmm, I am going to have to check back with you on that!
There is so much good that comes from letting all be as it should be.  I passed my test for school  #2 .  My pointer girl now feeling better after pulling her muscle in her leg and me picking up her 70# plus body on to our tiny porch.  I am so grateful for all the lessons I am learning with our new life.  Life is not as it was, and I am so grateful for that!   I am also great for the empowered women who moved in next to me in her Winnebago, as she gets this up and down learning and being grateful curve.  She is going through it all also.  We both have come out of our “RIGS” and laughed, cried and yelled “WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SO HARD”???  Then we look at each other and go…but this is our life with a HUGE GRIN on our face.  LOVE.

Lesson I have learned.  Being older really doesn’t matter.  Dream and follow your dreams following your own instincts. People have well intended concerns and they voice them, but it comes down to your own voice. LIVE BIG!   What is your voice telling you? Feel the fear but do it anyways?  Maybe like me, you will learn something.  For me its patience♡ trust, love, listening and serenity.

The river is flowing! Darn! I forgot to get my fishing license today.  I cant wait to walk out my front door and work on my fly fishing skills.  Its been too long.  Patience! It is  coming♡

Let it be, let it be….

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  1. Hi, thank you so very much Katrina. I am just learning how to use email and learning all the tech stuff. Sorry for making errors on all this computer stuff Sorry for the way I have contacted you but thank you so much. I will try to get with you on my days off. I would love to see you soon and visit.what do you look like on Thursday or Friday? Any time I will come to you. Thank you. This means allot No one’s ever been willing to help I had bad doctor and it took awhile to find a good one and now that one’s gone. I can’t say thank you enough.

    • Adell♡ I am so sorry, I have had similar situations. Friday is open right now. Would you prefer am or afternoon? I will send you a simple health history form via email to be completed and emailed back orior yo Friday, when I get to my desk this morning.
      Adell I am looking forward to seeing you again on Friday.
      Sleep well.

  2. Hi Katrina my name is Adell I put the note on your door do you take appointments I would love to visit with you I have fibromyalgia and I’m out of bed walking again and has been back to work for a year-and-a-half and I have family members with issues I am new at using email I hope to find some of your recipes and learn more about you as I learn how to Google and email if you take appointment I would love one it is 1:30 a.m. I am on my lunch break I hope I don’t wake you.

    On Apr 1, 2017 5:46 PM, “Tootling Tranquility Tiny House” wrote:

    Katrina Anne Toucké, Holistic IIN Health Coach posted: “From building a fire with wet wood, visiting dmv with so msny people (not being so cheerful) to bugs in my hair and nose inside toots, I am learning patience with grace♡ I love this! This is definately a good practice for me. With a history of”

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